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20mph limit

From Robert Collins
Tuesday, 5 February 2008

Does anyone know when the 20 limit comes into force on the A646?

Or is the plan to deliberately keep us guessing, to maximise revenues on the day when the few remaining black bags come off the 20 signs?

As a matter of interest, is the 30 limit legally enforceable while there are 20 limit roundels painted in the road?

Posted by Ross Mc
Thursday, 14 February 2008

I don't expect it'll make a jot of difference when it does come in, Rob!

I live in Pecket Well and this morning gesticulated (nicely!) to a passing car in the 20mph zone through the village to slow down.

He stopped, reversed and wound down his window. "Have you got a problem?" asked a portly Mondeo Man in his 50s, sporting a pair of driving gloves and shades not befitting a man of his vintage.

I politely explained I thought he was going too fast, to which he claimed he was in a 30mph zone so his speed was fine.

Despite pointing out the 20mph sign he'd past 200 yards previous, another 20mph sign 100 yards down the road and the 20mph sign further down the hill, he still claimed he was in a 30mph zone.

I apologised, said I must be mistaken and he sped off.

Some people are idiots. Idiots will always speed. No amount of signs or markings will make a difference, until it's too late and they take a life.

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