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Car parking

From Polly K
Tuesday, 5 February 2008

Is there any reason that the car park at the station can't become a multi-story? Obviously this is railway land but I'm sure that this could be looked into as an option.

This area is just out of town, shuttle buses could run, and its not going to cause any kind of visual problem.

Posted by Anthony Rae
Tuesday, 12 February 2008

Doesn't need to be multi-storey. You can get 125 additional spaces at surface level at the Station, by extending into the coal yard. Metro have had the detailed plans drawn up for this for more than 2 years; they just haven't bothered to do anything about it.

Multi-storey is in general not an option anywhere in Hebden Bridge, because it is not financially viable and so requires very large amounts of associated commercial development to fund it. Hence the Garden Street fiasco.

Posted by Janet  Oosthuysen
Wednesday, 13 February 2008

Agree with both of you. Our recent poll showed that many other people do too. What also needs to happen though is integrated transport - not only the cycle lockers that look like they could be appearing at a station near you soon - but also a reliable well timed bus service from the station and to many other parts of town. People rely on their cars when there is no alternative - we need to press for one. But certainly, if there is going to be a car park, let it be at the station. This would have none of the problems of Garden Street.