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Plastic Protest

From Susi Harris
Tuesday, 26 February 2008

I noticed a couple of posters in windows in Heptonstall today suggesting we take our clean plastic to Calderdale Council offices in Halifax at 10.45 on 8th March to demonstrate our need for a recycling facility. Apparently, there are no plans to set one up till late 2008 at the earlies, more likey 2009. I for one really miss the club, I hate throwing it away now having recycled it for so long, knowing its going to stay unrotted in a landfill for a great many years.

There's no word of who is organising this protest, but I think its a great idea so I'm drawing everybody's attention to it here, and I hope the press (and lots of plastic!) will be there.

Posted by Frances M
Sunday, 2 March 2008

Yes, Barbara Green is promoting this event too, and has written a letter to the HB Times this week 28th Feb 08. I think its a great idea. Was very concerned when I saw a discussion thread that said that Calderdale was sending plastic to China, presumably for landfill. This is very irresponsible, but shows that it is a tricky issue, and notoriously difficult to sort and recycle. You can recycle plastic bottles at the recycle centre, but only represents less than half of my plastic waste. Its a shame that the local Alternative Technology Center can't be supported by the council to reuse the other plastic waste. I thought they demonstrated that it could be used all be it on an ad hoc basis.

So I have no easy solutions to the plastic issue, but I think we need to deal with it locally. I hope Calderdale Council will listen and not put you on a moaners list. Will try to be there myself because its important that we deal with this issue, and the council is supposed to address community concerns.

Posted by Janet Oosthuysen
Sunday, 9 March 2008

Hi. Was the event today a success? Had child care responsibilties but was there in spirit. So many people have told me how important it is that we find some way of recycling plastics, and when I look at the rubbish I can generate from a single shopping trip, I have to agree.
I do hope the ATC get the funding they need to continue it.