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From Ian C
Saturday, 5 April 2008

For the second time in a week, a member of my family has been refused a half fare on First buses, despite having proof that they are a child. When contacted, the company have apologised but how are we to encourage people to use public transport if they are expected to pay over the odds for their transport.

Posted by David Mack
Wednesday, 9 April 2008


The rules for children's fares are set out on Metro's website.

It says:

Children under 5 travel free.

Young People aged 5 to 10 pay half fare (rounded down to the nearest 1p).

Young People aged 11 to 15 pay half fare (rounded down to the nearest 1p) provided they hold a Young Person's PhotoCard, otherwise they must pay the full adult fare.

Young People aged 16 to 18, attending school or college for at least 21 hours a week, pay half fare (rounded down to the nearest 1p) provided they hold a Scholar's PhotoCard.

If your young relative is aged 11-18 and does not show a Young Person's or Scholar's PhotoCard, then the bus driver is within his rights (if a bit mean-spirited) to charge the full fare.

If your relative has the relevant photocard or is aged 11 or under then I suggest you complain in writing to First and Metro quoting the service number and date/time so that the erring driver can be identified.