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St Pol

From Jason Went
Friday, 4 January 2008

Hello Hebden Bridge. We live in a village 10 km south of St Pol sur Ternoise. One of our friends in the village is a teacher of english at a college in St Pol and very active in the twinning events with students. Our farmhouse was a dressing station in the first world war and in the shadow of the v1 and German occupation in the second and so 'the European project' is very close to our hearts, not least because I am unable to get work here as a nurse due to language difficulties. I return to the UK for a fortnight each month to work double shifts so we can stay in such a wonderful place.

I have met, in my work in Brighton, several veterans of the second war and all seem pleased that now after the conflict is over a life in France and work in the UK is a reality... patronising though it may be to some but I was very moved by one guy who showed me a letter dated 1943 I think to his parents explaining that he had been injured by a sniper pilot in the Dover Straits and didn't desert his post. Needless to say I raised a glass to him and his generation who made this all possible.

Long may twinning projects like yours continue to break down the barriers and create a better Europe.

With all good wishes from Boubers sur Canche.