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Pack Horse Route Theft

From PM Sutton
Sunday, 4 May 2008

Walking along the Pack Horse Route in Colden near the New Delight yesterday, I discovered that some disgusting piece of human detritus has stolen a section of the larger slabs and damaged others trying to raise them.

They've been there what, 400 years? And now some vermin with a quad digs them up overnight.

From Andrew Hall
Monday, 5 May 2008

If you could report this to Chris Sutcliffe, Calderdale's Education & Community Development Officer, giving specific details of where the damage has been done, it would be very helpful.

Mercifully, the Colden Valley has been relatively free from serious vandalism over the past few years. Before that, the valley was plagued by a one-man campaign against anything to do with Calderdale council, footpaths, causeys, and particularly waymarks, which would disappear the very day they were erected. This guy was known locally as 'Bo-Peep' - a title given to him by the local farming community because of the strange way in which other farmers' sheep ended up in his fields!

Incidentally, for those who want to get involved in contributing towards the upkeep of the valley, there are work parties (usuallly relatively light work such as cleaning out drains and streams, balsam bashing etc) on the first Tuesday of each months. Chris Sutcliffe can give you more details.