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UDI for the Upper Valley

Posted by Richard Hull
Tuesday, October 4, 2005

You are right Phil, and there's worse - today's so-called 'consultation' on St George's Sq and the Nutclough traffic problem showed exactly the attitudes of Calderdale MBC to people outside Halifax.

So, calling all residents: the time has come to declare our independence from Calderdale MBC! Give us back our 'council taxes' and business rates and we'll run the towns and surrounding parishes. The corrupt, incompetent and bigoted officers and councillors of Northgate House can keep Halifax - we want the rest of the valley back.

Posted by Elaine Connell
Wednesday, October 5, 2005

Well said, Richard. Those of us who live here could make such a better job of running the Calder Valley than those uninterested bureaucrats in Halifax who seem to have no idea of conditions in this part of Calderdale. Have you got a petition those of us who agree with you could sign?