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Year 7 Calder High pupils on the bus

Posted by IKS
Tuesday, November 8, 2005

Since this September (thats why I presume it's Year 7 pupils)

A particular group of about 10-15 pupil's need leasons on how to use a bus.

They swarm on (usually at the stop in Hebden near the old peoples home and new build houses)Then despite their being seats available they simply congregate in the aisle used to get on and off the bus.

Then depending on what their leader decrees (a girl bigger than all the other boys and girls) they get off the bus and join their friends in Market street or continue to block the aisle for every one else who gets on the bus all the way to Calder High, causing little old ladys and others to battle their way through them and fall off the bus.

They combine this sheep like behaviour with the usual bleeting loud enough so you have to shout to be heard over it.

The other schools that use the bus and older Calder high pupils are fine and dare I say it polite to other bus users.

Even a few bus drivers have asked the pupils to sit down and shut up, only to be ignored.

Do they need more school buses so that others can have a relatively peaceful commute? I thought we were being encouraged to try to use public transport!