Secondary School Results 2002: Calder High improves but "loses value"
Thursday, January 23, 2003

The Government today published KS3 and GCSE results for secondary schools.

At Calder High, the percentage of students receiving 5 or more A-C GCSEs has increased to 52%. This is a welcome jump from last year's disapointing figure of 44% and is just above the national average (51.5%). This compares well with other schools in the valley: Ryburn (49%), Tod High, (42%) and Sowerby Bridge High (39%).

However, as the Hebweb as been suggesting for some years, this percentage is still much lower than we should expect, given the catchment area. And the new value added figures confirm this. Calder High achieved only a 97.4% rating for pupil improvement compared to their KS3 (14+) results. A score of less than 100 means that progress is slower than it should be. Ryburn scored 99.6, Tod High, 96.4 and Sowerby Bridge High, 100.6.

The figures also give the percentage improvement in the numbers receiving 5 or more A-C GCSEs over the past few years. During the period 1999-2002, Calder High has improved 6%, Tod High (15%), Ryburn (13%), Sowerby High (9%), Halifax High (22%), Crossley Heath (-1%) and the private school at Rishworth (-14%).

KS3 results showed 72% of students achieving level 5 or higher at Maths, English and Science. The value-added component here was 100.2 showing very slightly better than expected results.