2004 Key Stage 2 Test Results: Calderdale

Thursday, December 2, 2004

Below are the results for national tests taken by local 11 year olds this year. There are improvements in English and Maths when compared with last year's disappointing results at Riverside. Riverside's results show a slight improvement overall, just above the national and Calderdale average, but lower than the other smaller local schools - except, remarkably, Colden!

Eligible pupils achieving Level 4 or above, and percentage absent or unable to access test

Pupils eligible for Key Stage 2
totalWith SEN
with statementswithout statementsL4+L5A/DL4+L5A/DL4+L5A/D
LEA Average     3.6%  15.2%81%29%  77%33%  87%41%  27.8
England Average    3.4%  18.3%78%27%  74%31%  86%43%  27.5
Burnley Road2514.0%14.0%96%52%0%80%56%0%96%56%0%29.6
Cragg Vale1119.1%19.1%82%36%0%100%55%0%100%82%0%30.1
Hebden Royd20210.0%315.0%80%50%0%70%55%0%85%35%0%28.3
Heptonstall 1218.3%18.3%100%33%0%92%33%0%92%67%0%29.3
Old Town 1500.0%213.3%73%27%0%100%33%0%100%60%0%28.7

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