Development at Mytholm Works

Wednesday, May 4, 2005

With thanks from Andrew Hall who sent us this item.

I went to the Calderdale Planning Committee meeting on May 3rd, which was discussing the proposed development of 54 houses and industrial units on the Mytholm Works site on the main road to Todmorden.

Despite some impassioned arguments against the proposals, the planning officers' recommendation to approve the development, subject to certain legal agreements was carried on the casting vote of the Chair (or deputy chair, actually - the Chair of the Committee had left the room as she had an interest in the proceedings).

Once again, the concerns of parish councils, and local people seem to have been ignored. Apparently there were 13 letters of protest.

So be prepared for the incessant noise of pile drivers (the site is so wet, they're going to have to do a lot of stabilising), and a hotchpotch of buildings on the edge of the road at King Street (including 5 - yes 5-storey apartments), a mini roundabout, further traffic congestion on what is aready an extremely busy and dangerous road, the Heptonstall turning circle rendered virtually useless, an influx of children with no available places at local schools, trees cut down, and wildlife evicted.

..and it's Crow Nest Wood next!

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