Chris McCafferty votes against 90 days detention without trial

Thursday, November 10, 2005

Calder Valley MP, Christine McCafferty joined neighbouring MPs, Linda Riordan (Halifax) and Ann Cryer (Keighley) in voting against the Government's proposal to imprison terror supects for 90 days without trial.

Calder Valley Labour MP Chris McCafferty was one of the signatories to David Winnick's successful amendment which limited the period of detention without trial to 28 days. She told the Hebden Bridge Web

"The European Convention on Human Rights accepts a limit of 28 days on detention without trial. As a member of the Council of Europe for the last two Parliaments, I think this is a powerful factor. I therefore think that Parliament made the right decision by voting for 28 days.

"I support the majority of the proposals in the Bill, and welcome the Government's decision to bring in a 'sunset clause' which means the legislation will be reviewed on a 12 monthly basis.

"I will be voting for the third reading of the whole bill on Thursday."

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