Digital profile of Hebden Bridge to
underpin local broadband campaign

Thursday, March 27, 2003

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Locally based consultant Mark Harrison has been commissioned by the Hebden Bridge Web, in partnership with Bradford based Simula, to deliver a profile of the way in which Hebden Bridge will benefit from broadband technology.

To help us gather this information together, we are asking people to fill in our online form. You can fill in this form whether you want you are interested in Broadband for business or for personal use. There are a few extra questions for businesses, and answers to these will really help in building the business profile we need.

The Hebden Bridge Web has been campaigning for over a year for broadband. We plan to use the profile evidence as part of our campaign to persuade BT or any other potential broadband supplier to provide this technology for our area.

In the meantime, we urge people who haven't done so to register for broadband - full details on the Hebweb - and to make representations to local politicians to put this issue high on their agenda.