Festival events

See the programme for individual days by clicking on the individual days below, or click here to download a PDF file of the programme

  • Friday 21st June
  • Saturday 22nd June
  • Sunday 23rd June
  • Monday 24th June
  • Tuesday 25th June
  • Wednesday 26th June
  • Thursday 27th June
  • Friday 28th June
  • Saturday 29th June
  • Sunday 30th June
  • Monday, 1st July
  • Tuesday, 2nd July
  • Wednesday, 3rd July
  • Pre-festival event
  • Exhibitions
  • Open Studios
  • Open Gardens
  • And yet more

  • Thursday, 4th July
  • Friday, 5th July
  • Saturday, 6th July
  • Sunday, 7th July
  • Pre-festival event
  • Box Office 01422 842684

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    The festival desk for "in person" booking opens on Saturday 8 June. Please be aware that some key events (eg, Doris) may well sell out before the festival desk opens so we recommend taking advantage of the postal booking.