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Swimming pool

Posted by Gordon
Saturday, 13 January 2007

Just wondering, if the £885K or so does go to Mytholmroyd Community Association. For the time it isn't being used it will be earning the best part of £1000 per week. Is this right!

Posted by Kay
Monday, 15 January 2007

When I contributed to the Hebden Bridge swimming pool fund, I did it just for that reason, so that Hebden Bridge would be getting a pool - not Mytholmroyd!

So now if I could have my money back, plus the profit and interest it has made over the years, then I could build my own swimming pool!

Posted by Gilly
Sunday, 28 January 2007

It is strange how Mytholmroyd is classed as a separate place from Hebden when there is an element of inconvenience involved. It is less than a mile away from HB centre!

Both communities would benefit immensely - especially HB - there is so always alot of negative feeling about any developments and further utilisation of the already over-developed land use that relocating to Mytholmroyd would benefit all.

Land values in Mytholmroyd may also be abit cheaper, which could lead to a more financially viable project - and one that comes to fruition faster.

As part of the Renaissance - one key factor that comes to mind is that Mytholmroyd needs more of a reason for people to go in order for it to thrive - if all areas of HB are regenerated, it will benefit the whole area. Let's get behind a local swimming poool whether it is 1 mile or 2 miles from HB town centre.

Posted by Andy M
Friday, 2 February 2007

Good idea to locate a pool in Mytholmroyd. A boost for the town and convenient for Calder High and easily accessible for both communities. Much better than cramming it in somewhere in HB.

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