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Shoulder of Mutton disco

From Paul Murray

Sunday, 13 August 2017

I really love our town, the atmosphere, the vibe etc.  And I'm not really an old grump,  but am I the only one that thinks the volume of the disco in front of the Shoulder of Mutton just spoils everything!  It is so loud!  

I live at the far end of Valley Road and could hear it in my yard, friends live near Stubbing School and could hear it. I sat with my wife outside the Cafe Cali,  and we had to speak up to hear ourselves.   The disco also seemed to have driven any chance of street musicians or buskers away for the weekend.  If it is just me,  then I'll say no more,  I must be getting old!  

From George Murphy

Monday, 14 August 2017

I object to people inflicting their loud, amplified music on others in shared spaces, except on special occasions. Hebden will always have lots of 'special occasions', but most days courtesy should allow us freedom to enjoy or cut out from loud noise. This musical noise pollution is spreading and is inescapable in many city and town centres and squares. The first contributor obviously feels uncomfortable about expressing his feelings. It's not surprising, because people look aghast if you challenge them. I object to having to object!

PS I often enjoy busking of the non amplified kind.

From Dave R

Tuesday, 15 August 2017

I agree, that despite it being Happy Valley Pride weekend, the Shoulder seemed to take the opportunity to hold an outdoor and very very loud disco.

I posted several weeks ago, (see The Hebden Bridge Beer Garden) about the Shoulder of Mutton 'taking over the square' with weekends and evenings being much worse. Very often the public benches are occupied by drinkers, leaving passers-by with nowhere to sit.

The outside seating area of the pub seems to spread across the square and precinct, with chairs being fetched from the pubs dining area to use outdoors. At least one stage over the weekend saw the chairs almost in front of the Ltd boutique. It has become a tricky process to walk from the Square to the precinct, maneuvering around chairs, groups of drinkers and dogs.

I quite like the pub and see its presence as an asset to the town but for goodness sake, please stop monopolising space with your customers and the associated noise levels.