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Birchcliffe garden

From Char March

Friday, 25 August 2017

I live up Birchcliffe Road, and have always wondered what the reasons were behind the garden there being donated to the town.  Does anyone know anything about it?  The plaque in the garden reads:

This garden was opened on 8th June 1961 by Mrs P K Griffiths of Maidenhead and is the gift of Mrs Lilian Blackburn of Darlington formerly of Hebden Bridge in loving and treasured memory of her elder daughter June Megan Blackburn who died on 11th February 1932 aged 9 years.

This raises so many questions, not least, why was there a 29 year gap between little June Megan dying, and the garden being donated.

Does anyone know anything at all about the Blackburn family;  how June Megan died;  why there was such a gap...

Any information very gratefully received.