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Poor Ofsted for Steiner school 

From Alan Murphy

Wednesday, 13 September 2017

I was disappointed to learn that the local Calder Valley Steiner school in Cragg Vale received 'Inadequate' marks in...

  • the quality of education
  • the pupils personal development, 
  • the leadership, management and governance, 

but most worryingly in the 'safeguarding pupils welfare, health and safety judgement section', whilst also receiving an 'Requires Improvement' in its effectiveness of early years provision.

This, I would imagine would be of serious interest to parents locally - a school underperforming in this way should be ringing alarm bells. However I was only made aware of this after looking for a suitable school for my own child.

Media attention following less than stellar inspections for Riverside and Calder High in recent years were easy to find. However, this seems to have been missed. Yes, I'm fully aware that any prospective school or academy should be judged by more than just its OFSTED scores. However, when the results of an inspection are this poor then surely notice must be taken.

There must be woeful inadequacies within the school and can only hope that as a result of this revealing report that steps are being taken to seriously improve upon the provision of the little ones. These are children after all and not just data on a spreadsheet. I'm fully aware that so called 'alternative education' needs to be judged differently than mainstream education, though, having read the report, I'm positive that allowances have been made and despite this failings have been found throughout.

My elder child attended a Montessori school (not in the Valley) that received excellent reports as standard. I'd be interested in hearing from any parents who send their kids to this school with their thoughts and feelings on this. It's too late for me as my young son and I chose another school locally that was a better fit.