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Hebden Bridge Group Practice

From Vivien Aspey

Thursday, 10 January 2019

Hi folks! Long time since I've posted on here. Although there is no evidence that anything changes as a result of what we say, sometimes just knowing that others are in the same boat makes the present situation more bearable.

I'm finding that booking an appointment is far more effective than attending the morning free for all, because you choose who you see. Of course depending on your problem that is not always possible and attending in the morning results in your seeing practioners from a variety of clinical backgrounds  other than medical.

I dont know whether anyone in the Practice is undertaking a clinical audit of appropriateness of clinical discipline or outcomes of consultations, but I am certainly gleaning information, not just from my own experience but from that of others.

It is extremely important that if you think the person you spoke with was not the best discipline to deal with your symptoms, and even more so if later events proved you right, that you write to the Clinical Commissioning Group.

Using the Practice complaints procedure is a purely internal mechanism, and the Practice should be evaluating their own performance anyway as they have access to all relevant information. But it is the Clinical Commissioning Group on behalf of the government who are paying for this professionally watered down service, however unavoidable, and it is only over time and based on feedback from many patients that the adequacy of primary care in Hebden Bridge, Mytholmroyd and Luddendenfoot can be judged.

Silence in this context gives consent and approval.

From Jim Brierley

Saturday, 12 January 2019

I have long suspected that there is a plan to redevelop the whole of Valley Road, since the market was relocated.  Perhaps this includes the HBGP building as well?

From Sally J Richards

Saturday, 19 January 2019

I'm upset about the advice I got from ANP recently when I attempted to get advice and treatment for vertigo and was offered a prescription for antihistamines...for god's sake! I questioned it and the ANP couldn't substantiate why he had offered the medication other than to say most people want a prescription. He also offered exercises and requested I return if the condition didn't improve. This was more like it. I question the control drug companies have?

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