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Missed Appointment

From Jae Evans

Friday, 4 October 2019

I recently waited 6 weeks for an appointment with my preferred GP: I am a mature patient, with a chronic condition and suffer poor memory but I should like to stress, that I have never before missed an appointment - thanks to this service.  

I signed up for NHS TEXT reminders - years ago.  A diary is not enough sometimes ...  Unfortunately, on this occasion (and for the first time) my reminder TEXT did not come yesterday, and as a result, today, I missed my very valuable appointment. I did however, receive a TEXT telling me I had missed my appointment within 30 minutes of this.

I called the surgery immediately to apologise and to explain my predicament: the young women on reception told me this: 'You must understand that these NHS TEXT reminders are done by computer - not a person, and therefore, they cannot be guaranteed.'

This - although a rational comment, is somewhat absurd.  It was unhelpful and I felt the tone of her 'come-back' was condescending. I wonder if anyone else has experienced this?  And to whom do I report this anomaly?