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Second Chamber

Posted by Adam

Friday, January 30, 2004

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Just a couple of points really, I don't have time to write much.

The first is more of a query - where would I be able to get hold of the mentioned system of appointment (maybe via a website) "...which will inevitably lead to the view that it will become a tool of the Government, through the increase in the numbers of Tony's Cronies"?

It strikes me that such a sweeping claim is made without any reference, backup or evidence. I don't deny that the procedure may have such weaknesses but am I able to decide for myself after viewing the facts?

My second point is that I quite agree that "...a Second Chamber that can act as a challenge to Government and ensure detailed scrutiny of new legislation is essential". Thanks to New Labour we can (I hope) have such a chamber consistantly, instead of just the pro-Right Wing chamber that has always existed in the past.