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Creeping Urbanisation in the Colden Valley

Posted by John Smithson
Monday, June 27, 2005

I first raised this as an issue in November 2004. See previous entry in the HB Discussion Forum.

A garage and hard standing have been built, without planning permission and on land not owned by the developer in one of the most beautiful parts of the upper Calder Valley. Take a walk up Mytholm Steeps and along Colden Road (Ragley) towards the New Delight. Outside 2 Crowther Terrace you will find the offending development. To add insult to injury, the land in question is owned and managed by Calderdale Council; transferred to them from the estate of Lord Saville for the enjoyment of all people in Hebden Royd. It belongs to us all!

The garage was refused retrospective planning permission and the applicant has appealed to the Secretary of State against this decision. We have until 4 July to comment.

If the applicant is successful it will open the floodgates for similar developments in the Colden Valley. Basically anyone will be able to put up structures on land they don't own and seek retrospective planning permission, quoting this case as a precedent. Quite a prospect in an area already under so much pressure from building developments.

If you care about this situation please contact Calderdale Council, your counsellor or this discussion forum.

Posted by Andrew Hall
Tuesday, June 28, 2005

I totally agree with John Smithson. On the surface, this doesn't seem too important a case - a piddling little garage on a bit of rough ground - but believe me, if allowed it will establish a precedent which will have serious implications for protecting our green belt.

Incidentally, to save time, if you want to object, you can write to (before 4th July, so please hurry):

The Planning Inspectorate
3/02 Kite Wing
Temple Quay House
2 The Square
Temple Quay
Bristol BS1 6PN

Quoting: Calderdale Council planning application no: 04/01667/HSE Timber garage built on reinforced concrete pad on top of block wall which itself contains pre existing waste/ spoil heap at 2 Crowther Terrace, Blackshaw Hebden Bridge, HX7 6DE

Remember, this garage was erected illegally on land not belonging to the owner in a designated area of ecological and environmental importance (i.e. much more than just green belt). If it gains approval, it will give anyone and everyone carte blanche to do whatever they like with council owned land.

Posted by Nigel Tweeds
Wednesday, June 29, 2005