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Wednesday, 10 April 2019

Lunchtime LiveLunchtime Live

Saturday 13 April

1-4pm Pay as you feel

Hope Baptist Church

Microphone Jack

Lunchtime Live has a great line up this month, including political stand up Microphone Jack, who is a regular at many open mics and festivals, sharing his own unique look into world. Amazing talent and definitely one to watch. 

Jacky's Fantastic

Energetic music from Jacky's Fantastic who certainly know how to get their audiences dancing and feeling the music, they have just released their new EP and are looking forward to playing for you at Lunchtime Live.

Isaac Hughes Dennis

Politi-folk comedy musician, Isaac Hughes Dennis is a regular at our event and shares bold political statements with his ukulele in hand. For a young entertainer he certainly is a rising star in our eyes.


Blt63’s music is a mix of electronic glitch, jazz and classical. The music explores living outside of the ¬†body, 'devoid of any true feeling or connection to others, behind various masks, inhabiting a deserted-world.' What Blt63’s performance element brings is intimate, confessional-like story-telling with minimal but expressive movement - her presence becoming part of the 'virtual' ensemble you are invited to imagine on stage.

Come along and celebrate with us at Hope Baptist Chapel on Saturday Afternoon. Pay as you can afford. Event for all the community.

Saturday 13 April
Time 1pm - 4pm
Hope Baptist Chapel