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Calder Valley Radio on Meet the Richardsons

Wednesday, 21 April 2021

Calder Valley Radio, along with presenters Guy Parry and Dave Moses, feature this week and next week on Meet the Richardsons on the TV channel Dave.

Calder Valley Radio are about to become stars overnight as they are featured on Meet the Richardson's hit TV show on Dave, this month. Meet the Richardson's Production Company used the Mytholmroyd Community and Leisure Centre and Calder Valley Radio Station as a location to film the hit series that is now showing on the popular channel, Dave.

Programme Controller, Dave Moses and Events Manager, Guy Parry were thrilled to be asked to help and star in the TV series. Guy Parry said, "It was a real honour and of course we instantly said 'yes'. We first met Jon and Lucy Richardson when we provided a PA system for a comedy night at the Mytholmroyd Community and Leisure Centre when they were testing out their jokes on an audience."

"We instantly hit it off, and then later on invited Jon to open our new radio station in July, last year which he did - in a Pandemic. We were very touched by this," Dave says.

Guy Parry with Jon Richardson

Calder Valley Radio has been on air now for 10 months and has continued throughout the lockdowns. Dave Moses says, "It has been a challenging time and very stressful in parts but we have managed to keep everything running and providing a top quality service for our listeners and the Calder Valley."

Calder Valley Radio Station and the Mytholmroyd Community and Leisure centre feature in a few Episodes... one this Thursday and next week, it is thought. If you miss it, you can watch it on catch-up.

Watch Meet the Richardsons this Thursday and every Thursday at 10pm on the channel Dave.

Listen to Calder Valley Radio here

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