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Added Tuesday, 21 August 2007

From 13th-19th September, physicists from around the world will be attending a workshop in the Hebden House Conference Centre. It is a meeting of members and users of Geant4, an open software suite for the simulation of the interaction of radiation in matter. It is used in particle and nuclear physics, medicine (both for the design of equipment and the estimation of radiation therapy doses) and in space (for the design of radiation shielding). It may seem rather esoteric but it is a growing industry and we are privileged to have this annual international meeting in Hebden Bridge under the auspices of the University of Manchester.

As part of a programme for the public understanding of science we would like to invite interested members of the public to the open day of our meeting in Hebden House Conference Centre, 13th September 2007.

For more details see our website via under "Events".

We have proposed that attending members of the public contribute £25 to cover (an excellent) Hebden House lunch and all day refreshments, but we do have some money available from the Institute of Physics Astroparticle Physics Group to subsidise such "outreach" activities - please contact John Allison about this.


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