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Discussion of issues important to the communities of Hebden Bridge, Mytholmroyd and the surrounding hills and villages.


2013-2014 messages

The Duck Race

Keighley Road

Councillor Resignations - Elections or Co-option?

Minibus services, Hebden

Swimming pool

Litter on cuckoo steps

HB horse bench video

Dogs not on leads

Mountain bikes on public footpaths

Railway electrification


Weatherspoons aquired Moyles?

Calderdale to Tax the Poorest and Sickest

Dog walkers: pick up or pay up

Future of the Hole in the Wall

Business Networkers in HB

Adult Autism Support Group

Demolition on Old Gate

Packhorse route closure

Development at Mytholm Works

God bless the NHS




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Midgehole Dyeworks

Calder High

To dredge, or not to dredge?

Campsite on the park!

Moorland burning

Plastic carrier bags

'the Hebden Bridge Thought Police'

Golliwogs for sale

Tony Benn

Hebden Bridge as UK's 2nd city

Excessive chainsaw use at 12:30am

Minibus Network changes


Cyclist lights

Parking charges at Station

Calder High

Medical records

Sainsbury's and Tesco's

Zero carbon green house blocked by Calderdale

Myanmar or Mytholmroyd?

Picture House: new booking policy


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Closure of A and E at Halifax

Litter picking group

Sainsbury's survey

Postcard from Palestine

Bus Changes

Christmas tree recycling

Scar on the landscape


Proposed caravan site in Heptonstall

Festive Fandango

It's a wonderful cinema

What new businesses do we need and want?

Dog Walkers: Pick up or pay up

Himalayan Balsam

Mobile signal

Disability Assesments

  • Anne H
    Wednesday, 4 December 2013
  • Neti P
    Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Lamplighter Festival

  • Ian M
    Thursday, 28 November 2013
  • Claire M
    Wednesday, 27 November 2013
  • Colin C
    Monday, 25 November 2013

Houses behind The Woodlands

Bedroom Tax vote

All in it together?


Metro Bus Service Consultation



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