Local recycling firm gives Kerbside a Christmas boost

This time of year, most companies are busy mailing out cards and bottles of wine to their valued customers. Hebden Bridge firm, British Recycled Products, has taken a different route though and decided instead to only send electronic cards and to give 10% of their January turnover to local social enterprise, Kerbside.

Kerbside are a much-loved Calderdale organisation that breaks down the barriers to employment for those excluded from work opportunities.

They were set up many years ago to pioneer doorstep recycling locally and are currently engaged in a fight for survival as the council cabinet try to exclude them from their new waste contract, recently signed with Sita, a multinational company.

British Recycled Products director, Jason Elliott told the Hebden Bridge Web, “We feel that the Christmas spirit is more about goodwill to all, than getting yet another card and corporate gift from a supplier. Judging by the incredibly positive response we've had back, both locally and nationally, it would seem that our friends and customers are happy to support us with this move.”

Fellow director, Chris Griffiths added “As we have a large number of clients, right across the UK, we estimate the cost of sending cards and goodies out to them would probably equate to 10% of our January turnover. Quite frankly, choosing to give this money to Kerbside instead was one of the easiest business decisions we've ever made. Like us, they are in the recycling business, so partnering up seemed logical.”

“Of course, we really value our customers so we wanted to send cards as well, but we have done this electronically, together with a brief explanation about why we're supporting Kerbside and the option of an easy way for our them to help, should they wish to” said Griffiths.

The messages sent out in the Calderdale area urge friends and customers to email Owen Williams, Calderdale Chief Executive, and politely tell him that they will be continuing with Kerbside for their doorstep recycling and have no wish to switch to another company.

Those that have gone out nationally suggest dropping a line the Hazel Blears, the Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government, asking her why this much loved and top performing community recycler was completely sidelined by Calderdale Council when awarding the new waste contract to a multinational waste giant.

CEO of Kerbside, Paul Brannigan said "Kerbside is very grateful for the donation and support from British Recycled Products. This shows that social enterprises can be a catalyst to inspire the private sector to get more involved in the community, which creates a win-win situation for all. It is a shame that Sita and Calderdale council could not show the same vision as British Recycled Products, but we are aiming to show those organisations the beauty of true partnerships that benefit everyone."

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