Hebden Bridge Handmade Parade Needs You!

The Hebden Bridge Handmade Parade workshops are up and running and the workshop is buzzing with the making of birds, frogs and narrowboat/pirates.

However, for some reason, nearly all of the participants so far have been kids with parents. Which is great but Andrew Kim, the organiser, has told the Hebden Bridge Web that he thinks there's a real cultural misconception that if there's a community art-making space you have to be a kid or be with a kid to make art.

"This is simply wrong!" says Andrew. "Parade art is not just for kids! We are desperate to have more adults and arty teens, not with children, coming into the workshops and making big sloppy ridiculous parade costumes or just come and help build and perform some of the bigger makes already in progress."

If you know of any groups of adult or teens who enjoy dancing/performing, please send Andrew their contact info as they have several ensembles who need performers.

See some of the ideas for the parade here:
See the workshop times and location here:

Andrew says, "Go and make some parade art. Tell your friends. Help make this a funky, fun, sexy Hebden Bridge event!"

Update: 19th July 2008
See photos of the parade


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