Monday, 9 February 2009

Paul BranniganKerbside Calderdale Chief Executive, Paul Brannigan, is now directly challenging Calderdale Council - at the ballot box. He is standing for election as councillor for the vacancy in Skircoat Ward. 

He will seek election as an independent candidate campaigning under the banner “Kerbside Champion for Local Enterprise” which he feels best expresses the reason for his candidature. 

In a statement Mr Brannigan told the Hebden Bridge Web:” What is happening to Kerbside is symptomatic of the way local businesses are treated by Calderdale Council generally”.

“This borough is renowned for its entrepreneurs.  Its strength lies in the determined character of its citizens but, when I look closely at Council policy, I realise that we have become almost invisible.  We have to start taking back control of our own destinies”.

“Of course, there are a number of issues specific to Skircoat Ward which illustrate a need to achieve a balance within the community of competing aspirations but I believe that these can be reconciled with effective communication and regulation”. 

Returning to his primary theme, Mr Brannigan concluded: “We used to have a building society that was a model of professionalism and accountability.  It got turned into a shambles of a multi-national corporation, remote from the local community, to the detriment of a loyal local workforce.  It has now left the borough with a stain on its character.  This is a lesson we cannot afford to forget.  We need to get back to basics and place our trust and support where it is has been earned”. 

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