Language Cafe

Thursday, 8 January 2009

A Language Cafe has started in Hebden Bridge where people can meet up and talk to each other in another language.

The sessions run each Monday between 10am and 11.30 am at Watergate Tea Rooms in Bridge Gate.

The sessions are very informal. Whoever turns up is there basically. The event hasn't previously been announced in the meda so it is in its early days. So far, there is one mostly German table. And there are some people speaking French.

The topic just arises as people introduce themselves or whatever. There is no pressure, no homework. Purely conversation. People do not have to be there for the start.

It is more appropriate for people who do not want to have to do homework and all the pressure that may come from joining, for example, evening class. Although some people will take notes for themselves. There are two native German speakers at the moment and two very capable French speakers.

There is no charge and we just buy drinks and snacks from the Tearooms.

At the last session those present started a Bookshelf where people can borrow a book or magazine in German or French if they want to have a go at reading at home.

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