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Our feature pages are the more magazine type sections of the Hebweb, and will be regularly updated as new information or links become available.

GARDEN STREET - Hebden Bridge Web coverage of the controversial Garden Street proposed development over the past few years.

ASBESTOS AND THE LEGACY OF ACRE MILL: Hundreds of people in the Hebden Bridge area have died from asbestos related cancers, mainly contracted from working at Acre Mill in the 50s and 60s - the UK's biggest industrial disaster.

IAN COATES - Riding round the world on a Honda
- irregular reports from 2001 of Ian's trip round the world.

JOHN MORRISON - milltown revisited and farewell to milltown

PACE EGG PLAY - as performed each Ester,
history and photos, old and new

WILDLIFE in the Hebden Bridge region


GIBSON MILL, Hardcastle Crags
Renovated with cafe and exhibition centre, using alternative technology.

Poems by Glyn Hughes, first published on the Hebden Bridge Web


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