Third Linden Mill bank planning appeal
- thrown out

Update: Tuesday, 20 March 2007

Planning Inspector Elizabeth Ord has dismissed the 30/45 Group's third appeal against Calderdale Council's refusal of planning permission for 10 "eco houses" on open space land to the rear of Linden Mill. In a seven page decision letter she rejects the development as not in keeping with the Hebden Bridge Conservation Area.

Residents campaign against third
Linden Mill bank building proposal

Update: Thursday, 22 February 2007

Inspector reserves decision after yesterday's hearing.

The Independent and Yorkshire Post do articles on how Hebden Bridge isn't eco-friendly any more, failing to investigate the deeper concerns around this important issue.

Independent: Tree houses' invoke ire of Hebden Bridge
Thursday, 22 February 2007

Yorkshire Post: Town sees red over eco-plans for green homes

The wood is co-owned by local businessmen David Fletcher and Philip Bintliffe who together form the 3045 Group. Philip Bintliffe of Studio Baad was also the architect of Green Tops' development on the Millpond site. The 3045 group are also currently appealing against permission to build houses over the river Hebden Water - see Planning Watch

Update: 8 Jan 2007

Linden Mill Bank - 3045 Group's appeal against Calderdale Council's refusal of planning permission for 10 semi-detached dwellings, is to be heard in a public inquiry at Halifax Town Hall on Tuesday 20th February at 10.00am. The inquiry is expected to last a day. Members of the public can attend, and at the Inspector's discretion, give their views.
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Update: Tuesday, June 6

Planning Committee unanimously confirm refusal of plans

Residents surrounding the land to the rear of Linden Mill again turned out in force at the Calderdale Planning Committee meeting held tonight at the Town Hall, Halifax. The committee unanimously confirmed their refusal of planning permission for the proposed ten "eco-houses" within this woodland.

Councillor McElroy, proposed from the chair the grounds for refusal based upon conflicts with a number of Unitary Development Plan Policies. He added to this the opinion that the proposed leaseholder agreements were unenforceable. These agreements were intended to include conditions preventing any car ownership by leaseholders, lighting of the walkway and the future management and safeguarding of the trees. The vote was 7-0 for refusal on the grounds stated by the committee.

Once again residents are greatly indebted to our spokesperson Gillian Garrett of Rose Grove and to Councillor Fekri for his speech at the meeting, advice, support and guidance.

Gillian reminded members that the new UDP to be adopted in July 2006 will designate the land as open space. The UDP Inspector stated that there was sufficient housing land within the plan without building on this area.

David Fletcher spoke for the 30/45 Group.

Thanks to Roger Hiam for sending us the above

See also: UDP report - as relevant to Hebden Bridge

Thursday, March 30, 2006

Calderdale throw out plans for third time!

Yesterday evening, in a packed committee room at the Town Hall, Halifax Calderdale MBC Planning Committee rejected the latest plans submitted for housing on the land to the rear of Linden Mill.

Gillian Garrett spoke eloquently for the objectors supported by Calderdale Councillor Nader Fekri. Councillors, led by the Chair, Councillor McElroy, turned over an officer recommendation to permit the development subject to a legal agreement by 4 votes to 3.

There were 104 objections to the proposal, Hebden Royd Town Council rejected the scheme and Councillor McElroy said the scheme conflicted with policies in the Council's UDP.

Cragg Vale resident David Fletcher spoke on behalf of the 30/45 Group who want to develop the land. This is the third application rejected by Calderdale MBC.A Government Inspector has agreed with Calderdale MBC that in the new UDP to be adopted in July 2006 the land should be classified as "Open Space".

Thanks to Roger Hiam for sending us the above

Update: Saturday, March 25, 2006

Residents at the rally in St George's Square today

Those opposing the development are puzzling over the council officers' report, published on the Calderdale website late Friday afternoon. The third application is the same as the previous one of which the officers recommended rejection. If anything has changed it is the recent UDP report which strengthens the objectors' case as it says that the land should be open space, not suitable for housing.

Sunday, January 22, 2006

Angry residents have hand-delivered a leaflet throughout the streets surrounding Linden Mill, and beyond. They are angry that even though Calderdale and Hebden Royd councils have consistently opposed plans to build on the wooded land behind Linden Mill, and that the owners' plans were rejected on appeal, the proposals have now been submitted for a third time.

The owners of Linden Mill are David Fletcher and Philip Bintliff of Studio Baad, the latter infamous because of its involvement with Chainsaw Tuesday.

Here are some of the points from the leaflet:

It's basically exactly the same design - 10 'eco-dwellings' with attached raised link decking and walkway!

Once again the only thing we can do at this stage is write individual letters of objection but we do know -

from all the letters objecting to the past proposals of David Fletcher - that these are extremely effective!

However, because it is a new planning application, our past comments will not be taken into account, so we all need to write again!

All letters need to be sent to Jim Metcalf, Chief Planning Officer, Calderdale Council, Northgate House, Halifax, HX1 1UN. We only have until Friday 27th January 2006 for these to arrive in Halifax. You can object online through the Calderdale website or by email

Your letter should quote the following planning application details: Application number: 05/02534/FUL Proposal: Construction of ten semi-detached dwellings Location: Land off Rose Grove, Hebden Bridge, West Yorkshire

  • Conservation of buildings and the natural environment
  • The character of an area
  • Trees Design, appearance and layout Noise, disturbance. light pollution and smells
  • Highway safety and traffic
  • The effect on the privacy of neighbours
  • Whether the proposed development will have an overbearing effect on neighbouring properties

These are the big issues

1. Light pollution - street and house lights from this raised walkway, which is effectively a whole new street. How bright and far will they shine?

2. Parking - will the access via steep, narrow Rose Grove be safe and easy? This proposal will only provide parking for 4 vehicles, at a loss of two existing parking spaces on Rose Grove, for 10 dwellings. This is a net gain of only 2 spaces! The pressure on parking in Hebden Bridge has never been greater.

3. Site safety / suitability - this is a very steep slope. The hillside is inundated with natural run-off water all year round. What impact will building houses on this steep hillside have, both during the construction phase and afterwards? An environmental search report states that there is a very real risk of a landslide if building goes ahead.

4. Management of the 'eco' scheme - apparently potential residents of these 10 'ecodwellings' will be made to sign an 'agreement' to ensure they minimise their impact on the environment. In practice there are doubts as to whether this is legally enforceable.

All your letters really count. Thank you for all your past efforts, they have been incredibly successussful!

The deadline for these letters is this friday (27th)

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