"A very, significant threat to the
social and economic life of the town

Tuesday, 29 January 2008

Yesterday evening's meeting was called by Calder Valley Civic Trust and was very ably chaired by Gwen Goddard. Gwen told the meeting that she had spoken with the HB Times who explained that they would not be covering the public meeting but would cover the council meeting on Wednesday when they discussed Garden Street because "that would be balanced".

There was standing room only in the packed council chambers and all except one person had come to oppose the plan. The one person was the developer David Fletcher. A motion was put to the meeting  that he be asked to leave after answering questions for half an hour. The point was made that some people felt able to talk more freely without him present. David Fletcher protested. "Nobody knows more about the scheme than I do." A vote was taken and the motion carried. Mr Fletcher subsequently described the meeting as undemocratic.

About a dozen or more questions were put to Mr Fletcher before he was asked to leave. From his reponses we now know the following:

Many of the questions were of a technical nature, and it soon became clear that some of those present, especially the civil engineers, were already more familiar with the details of the proposals than Mr Fletcher. Some of his remarks were a little cryptic, eg, "Nobody knows if I have a commercial interest."

After David Fletcher's departure, there was a good natured and constructive discussion largely about the tactics for opposing the development. Anthony Rae pointed out that the £12 million scheme would only add a few more parking places and that Calderdale needs to be asked why they would want such a scheme,  a development which is a "very, significant threat to the social and economic life of the town."

The meeting asked Anthony Rae to represent the objectors at the Hebden Royd Town Council meeting on Wednesday when the proposal will be considered by councillors. People were urged to attend and councillors who were present said that they would try and arrange for the matter to be heard first.

Other points made included

It was also agreed that sample letters of objection would be given out in the square on Saturday, between 11 an 12 and people volunteered to assist with this. The point was emphasised that individually written letters would have more notice taken of them.

Representations should be made to Calderdale Council by 15th February.

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