Garden Street - objections to be submitted to Calderdale Council

Friday, 1 August 2008


  • The buildings and the whole development are too large and not suited to Hebden Bridge.  They will have an adverse impact on the Hebden Bridge Conservation Area (policy BE18) and important views we like and value.
  • The number of additional public parking spaces (about 30) doesnít outweigh the many disadvantages of the huge new development.
  • These spaces arenít needed because there are much better and easier ways to provide more parking Ė almost immediately. A 2 level underground car park is not what drivers want to use.
  • But 90 new spaces in total (public and private) will attract a lot more traffic on our congested roads Ė contrary to national policy (PPG13); and will make the existing breach of air quality standards worse.  We want more public & active transport instead.
  • It will be bad for climate change: using energy in the car stacker & basement car levels. 
  • We donít need more market housing in Hebden Bridge; the new dwellings wonít be affordable.
  • Removing the retaining wall will cause major disruption to the town and traffic; Commercial St could be closed for 3-6 months.
  • The construction period will go on for years, and there are too many risks with this development.  It will be bad for trade and all the shops, in a worsening economic downturn.
  • We donít need the development and we donít want it. We like Hebden the size it is.

I agree with the above objections. Please submit them to Calderdale Council

I would like to add my personal views about the development:

I have already objected personally to the planning proposals but wish to support the Action Group objections as well



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