Clothes Swap Party

on 4th July

Wednesday, 24 June 2009

Inspired by Twiggy’s Frockswop programme on TV where she and a group of mates got together to swop clothes they were bored with, slashed and added frills to the most unlikely of garments, women in Hebden have decided to try the idea here.  It will be at the Trades Club on Saturday 4th July from 12pm til around 4pm and there’ll be teas, beers, wines and cakes, though not necessarily in that order. 

Clothes Swap

Janet Oosthuysen, one of the organisers told the Hebden Bridge Web, “The idea is to bring along something you once loved, but doesn’t do it for you any more, like that lime green cocktail dress that’s been hanging at the back of the wardrobe for the last 4 years.  We’ll give you a token for each outfit you bring and you can then spend your tokens on new outfits.  We’ve arranged for Grace (the darning mushroom) to come along and arrange simple alterations on the day or advise on how to change something to suit you.  You can also bring bags and other accessories.  We think it’ll be great fun- the tennis will be on in the small bar for those that cant miss it! 

"Entrance costs will be £1 for Trades Club members and £2 for non-members and we’ll also be asking for donations to the Halifax Women’s Centre which is doing great work on a shoestring.”

If you want any more information, you can ring the organisers; Janet Oosthuysen 07832 140898 or Margaret Boyle 01422 843105.

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