Hebden Bridge Arts Festival

Sunday 2nd July

Street Entertainment

St. George's Square and surrounding area

12 noon to 4.00pm

Another day of surprising entertainment on the streets of Hebden Bridge.

Walshaw Lodge Tea Concert

Walshaw Lodge Tea Concert - sold out

Margaret Bruce (piano) and Warwick Lister (violin)

Walshaw Lodge, Hardcastle Crags

3.30pm (to 5.30pm approx)

£15 (including full tea. Tickets only available in advance)

The perfect setting for wonderful music and a delicious Sunday tea. This afternoon's programme:
Mozart: Sonata in E minor, K 304
Beethoven: Sonata in F major, opus 24 (Spring)
Tucapsky: Sonata Rhapsody
Schumann: Sonata in A minor, opus 105.

Don't Let the Pigeon
Drive the Bus!

Big Wooden Horse Theatre Company

Little Theatre, Holme Street, Hebden Bridge

4.30pm (to 5.20pm approx)

£5.50 (£3.50)

This show for young children is full of fun, laughter and excitement, featuring original music and lots of audience participation. The friendly bus driver leaves us with one simple instruction: 'Don't let the Pigeon drive the bus!' However, the Pigeon is very, very clever and whines, bribes, pleads and even sings a song to get his own way.


Adapted from the prize-winning children's book by Mo Willems. Bookstall.

Isaac Rosenberg 1890-1918:
The Half Used Life

Readings from his poems and letters by his editor and biographer Jean Liddiard and actor Sam Dastor

Artsmill, Linden Mill, Linden Road, Hebden Bridge

8.00pm (to 10.00pm approx)


Isaac Rosenberg has long been regarded as one of the most important poets of the First World War. His poverty, education and background made him an outsider, yet it was just that experience which equipped him to cope with the unforeseen horror of war in the trenches: 'I am determined that this war, with all its powers for devastation, shall not master my poeting'. He served on the Western Front until his death on night patrol on April 1 1918.


Trades Club, Holme Street, Hebden Bridge

8.00pm (to 11.00pm approx)

£8 (£6)

A fusion of the unique sounds of Javanese gamelan effortlessly blended with didgeridoo, hammer dulcimer, keyboards, wind instruments, guitars and digital beats, Gongfusion brings you a joyously global eclectic feast of musical delights, from exhilarating dance grooves to ambient rambles transporting you to the land of the seriously chilled. Be there for the very first
performance of this brand new Hebden Bridge phenomenon.

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