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Folk Roots FestivalHEBDEN BRIDGE FOLK ROOTS is a small venue event which has grown out of the Trades Club and its experience of being one of the best small venues in the UK over the last 30 years. It seeks to maintain the quality live music of the Trades Club but also expand it to other small venues in the area.

In 2011 the weekend was all based at the Trades Club. In 2012 we are also using the brand new hall in the newly refurbished Hebden Bridge Town Hall. There will also be events in some of the pubs in the town too.

It has long been a source of amazement that Hebden Bridge was not on the 'folk festival scene' despite having a reputation for live music in its pubs and clubs and also having many outdoor festivals over the last 20 years . . . well here we are!

As well as bringing you the best small venue live music available we also aim to bring something unique. In 2011 it was a set that featured Steve Tilston and Becky Unthank, two people who represent different generations - and the best in live folk music over the last 40 years.

Folk Roots is run by a small group of people who have a wealth of experience, people who have performed at the highest level like Steve and Becky. There’s also Dave Boardman, who booked everything at the Trades Club for many years as well as running outdoor festivals in the area, and Rick Sweetnam who is part of the current Trades Club bookings team.  David Thom has organised poetry events in Canada and West Yorkshire, Alan Ings has been involved in several folk events and is part of our infrastructure team.

We believe folk and roots music reflects the feelings and  issues that matter to ordinary folk whether they are political, emotional, social or environmental.

Hebden Bridge

We all live in the Hebden Bridge area because we want to. Once upon a time it was the fustian capital of the world, providing corduroy to the world, dressing geography teachers everywhere.   It promotes itself as a great little town for independent shopping, the among the least ‘cloned towns’ in the UK.  It has been promoted by others as a 'funky town' (Lonely Planet  2009) and Lesbian Capital of the North (BBC News 2012).

It is a Fair Trade town and a Transition Town (work in progress). It is still described often as a 'hippy capital' but also recently attracted 'yuppies' . For a small town it has lots of reputations that overlap. Find out more - and places to stay by exploring the pages of www.hebdenbridge.co.uk

Trades ClubTrades Club

The Trades Club is small venue with a big reputation. It was recently in the final of the New Musical Express small venue awards and has attracted musicians form all over the world in the last 30 years - from Ali Farka Toure to Patti Smith.