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Roger Davies

Roger Davies, The Bard of Calderdale, overflows with pride at being lucky enough to come from West Yorkshire. Songs about Bradford tarts, the joy of Brighouse on a Saturday Night and a drinking song that names checks just about every pub in the county are written and performed with the tenderness of a man who knows where he’s from and where he’s staying.

Roger has gigged around the area for several years appearing in pubs, clubs on busking pitches and anywhere else he can get people to hear his songs. Yet these songs are not just heart felt, they tug at the hearts of all people – not just Yorkshire folk – who have always kept a place in their hearts for their home town.

He is several albums into a career that is reaching beyond Yorkshire, so many will have seen him at festivals across the country by the time we get to Folk Roots in November. Catch his set, it always brings a contentment and feel good factor to any audience.

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