Saturday 30th June

Street Entertainment

St. George's Square and surrounding area, Hebden Bridge
12 noon to 4.00pm approx

This is Street Art!
organised by Hebden Royd Town Council
Bridge Gate, Hebden Bridge
1.00pm to 3.00pm approx


“This is art . . . but not as some know it.”  
A chance to see how it’s done, ask questions and have a go! The pieces produced will be displayed throughout the Festival, with locations available from the Festival Shop.

Farming at Eye Level

2nd floor, Linden Mill, Linden Road,   Hebden Bridge
4.00pm to 5.00pm approx


A talk by the artist Sheila Tilmouth about her residency at Low Lucken’s Farm and her visual response to the farming year.

Unheard Voices

a talk by Malorie Blackman

Picture House,
New Road, Hebden Bridge

6.30pm to 7.30pm approx
£5.50 (£3.50)
combined ticket with Can’t Chain Up Me Mind £13 (£11); £7 for full-time students and under-16s, which includes a copy of the book

Unheard Voices is an anthology of stories and poems, written by those who were themselves slaves, as well as by contemporary writers, collected by award-winning author Malorie Blackman and published to commemorate the 200th anniversary of the abolition of the Slave Trade Act.  Malorie Blackman writes: “It is an anthology of work from those to whom the slaves of the past still whisper.   Perhaps they will always whisper until slavery and injustice are eliminated from every country on our planet.   Let us hope that one day, and soon, that time will come.”  

In association with Random House Children’s Books
Unheard Voices thanks to sponsorship from The Halifax

World Premiere

Can't chain up my mind

Grand Union Orchestra

Claude Deppa (trumpet / percussion); Byron Wallen (trumpet / flute); Tony Kofi (alto / baritone saxes); Chris Briscoe (soprano / alto saxes); Fayyaz Virji (trombone); Tony Haynes (trombone / piano); Andy Grappy (tuba); Emmanuel Tagoe (African drums); Carlos Fuentes (Afro-Cuban percussion); Kyron Akal (steel pan); Davina Wright (voice); Gerry Hunt (guitar / tenor sax); Andres Lafone (bass guitar); Brian Abrahams (drums, voice)

Picture House, New Road, Hebden Bridge

8.15pm to10.30pm approx
£12 (£10); £6 for full-time students and under-16s

Combined ticket with Malorie Blackman talk £13 (£11); £7 for full-time students and under-16s, which includes a copy of the book Unheard Voices thanks to sponsorship from The Halifax.

A commemoration of the 200th anniversary of the abolition of the Slave Trade, which is also a celebration of the most significant, if accidental, cultural by-product of slavery – jazz, the music of the emancipated, and the most emancipated music. Tony Haynes writes and directs the music, developing it in collaboration with the performers, creating an intensity of performance that is spontaneous and highly dramatic – and making full use of their additional multi-instrumental, drumming and singing skills. “ . . . The effect was to fill the room with the possibility that the experience of music-making might change at least a life or two” (John Fordham, The Guardian).



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