Thursday 5th July

Summer Frights: an Evening of Horror
in Hebden Bridge

with Christine Poulson, Emma Unsworth and Maria Roberts

Artsmill, Linden Mill, Linden Road, Hebden Bridge
7.30pm to 9.00pm approx

Where does fear lurk in 21st century life? In an age hardwired to keep information flowing and the unknown at bay, what irrationalities still linger for horror writers to tap into? Tonight the itch will be fully scratched, as proceedings are handed over to three new apprentices of the dark arts.

In association with Comma Press

The Argentinian Landscape Project

Ninon Foiret (bandoneon / flutes); John Barwood (guitar); Javier Geras (bass); Anna Stott (vocals); plus guest Richard Ormrod (bass clarinet)

Little Theatre, Holme Street, Hebden Bridge
7.45pm to 10.00pm approx
£9 (£7)

A unique fusion of tango and contemporary jazz, inspired by Ninon Foiret’s first visit to Buenos Aires last spring. The essence of tango is heard in the sound of the bandoneon (Argentinian squeezebox), which can express pain and nostalgia as well as furious and sensual energy. The music created by this unusual quartet is soulful, passionate, meditative and utterly compelling.


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