See below for Heptonstall to Colden and
Mytholmroyd, Midgley, Pecket Well and Todmorden


Studios open 11am – 5pm

Open 30th June/1st July, 7/8 July, 14/15 July.

Machpelah Mill, Junc.
Burnley Road/Station Road,
Hebden Bridge, HX7 8AU
Top floor studios and workspace in canal side mill showing a variety of work. Steps - sorry no disabled access. Parking nearby.


Sarah Cowan
Oil paintings of local landscapes from the Calder Valley. Various scales of work and detail with added surface relief and texture.

Dorothy Ann Simister
My drawings and paintings explore the reflective qualities of the shop window. Other work investigates shapes and patterns in the environment from interesting shells to landscapes.

Audrey Waller
I am currently exploring the theme of fragmentation in painting and ceramics. I also work in printmaking and mixed media. I enjoy exploring line and colour.

Annie Lawson
Rugs and paintings with the Annie Lawson range of postcards and greetings cards.

Jean Marshall
Prints and paintings of local scenes.

Lynda Thomas
Printmaking in a variety of styles, Batik on paper, plus handmade greetings cards and bookmarks.

Sheila Greenwood
A variety of work inspired by the coastal areas of Cornwall.

Janet Clark
Handweaving. Classes by arrangement.
Contact: e.mail 
or tel. 01484 713677

Mike Peace
Drawings and paintings of Northern England - from the quiet domestic buildings and streets of milltowns to empty moors and Cumbrian mountains where the bones of the earth show.

David Wright

Open 7/8 July and 14/15 July.

Linden Mill, Linden Road,
Hebden Bridge, HX7 7DD

Steps, sorry no disabled access. Parking nearby.

Large studio with wide range of canvases and prints, sizes ranging from 12"x18" to 6'x8'. Figurative work with a socio-political meaning.

Open 30th June/1st July, 7/8 July, 14/15 July.

ROBERT BLOMFIELD, 7 Crossley Terrace, Hebden Bridge, HX7 8AX
Home studio in Hebden Bridge mid-terrace town house, built 1840
Steps. Parking nearby

Black & White photographs by Robert Blomfield. Mainly 60s & 70s street life.Also works by his sister, Irene Sanderson, contemporary exponent of traditional far eastern ink painting. Saturday evening slide shows, by appointment – 01422 844259.

Samantha Peare

Open 30 June/1July

Hebble End Mill,
next to Alternative Technology Centre, Hebden Bridge
Easy access on canal towpath.

Parking nearby.

Workshop situated in Hebble End Mill showing unique hand-made embroidered accessories and framed pieces. Made mainly from recycled and vintage materials embelished with designs.

Open 30th June/ 1st July

‘Boat Workshop’ Unit 4,

38 Hangingroyd Lane,
Hebden Bridge. HX7 7DD

Upstairs large open space, well lit with lots of windows. Free nibbles and soft drinks.

Steps. Parking nearby.
Eclectic mixture of art and objects, canvas paintings, drawings, photographs and mixed media constructions.

Open 30th June/1st July, 7/8 July, 14/15 July

PHIL WITHERSBY, The Calder Gallery,
20 Market Street, Hebden Bridge, HX7 6AA

The Gallery is a warm, bright and welcoming space.
Level access to Gallery. 3 steps to upper space. Parking nearby.

Phil Withersby works in a variety of media including oils, watercolours and etching. His work is inspired by the landscapes of West Yorkshire and the North.

Open 30th June/1st July, 7/8 July, 14/15 July

50 Wood End, Keighley Road,

Hebden Bridge, HX7 8HJ

Gallery in artist’s house.


Black and white photography mainly of the local landscape.

Open 30th June/1st July

LIME PRESS, Bridge Mill,
Hebden Bridge, HX7 8ET

Non – Toxic printmaking studio.

Steps – sorry no disabled access. Parking nearby


Sheila Tilmouth
Images of food and the environment using a variety of printmaking methods.
Joan Francis
Prints – using different techniques looking at patterns in the landscape, on the surface and below at macro and micro levels.
Louise Crosby
Intaglio and digital prints exploring poems, places and words.

Open 30th June/ 1st July

Linden Mill,
Linden Road, Hebden Bridge, HX7 7DP

Top floor, small shared studio – paintings, textiles, ceramics and prints

Steps – sorry no disabled access. Parking nearby.


Sarah McDade
Hand built ceramic figures in stoneware and terracotta clay. Individual orders and commissions taken at

Melani Fox
Prints, textiles and books.

Jyan Bean
Textiles for theatre, for interior or fashion. Individual orders and commissions taken.

Mike Walker
Non-figurative paintings and prints.

Sheila Tilmouth
Prints, paintings and photographs of current work using food as the subject matter.

Open 30th June/ 1st July, 7/8 July, 14/15July

‘59 STEPS’ STUDIOS, Melbourne Works,
Melbourne Street, Hebden Bridge HX7 6AS

For a diversity of artists work plus magnificent views of Hebden Bridge visit the ’59 Steps’ studios.

Many steps- sorry no disabled access. Parking nearby.


Sue Mitchell
I am a person with a passion for people’s faces. A figurative artist, I paint in oils and work in pencil and charcoal on canvas, the latter new and exciting.

David Collinge
Large oil paintings on canvas based on myth and metamorphose.

Linda Taylor
Abstract landscape painter.

Audrey Waller
I work in paint and ceramics, currently exploring the theme of fragmentation. I also work in mixed media and printmaking and enjoy line and colour.

Christine Herbert
My printing and painting have an organic basis and I use layering of both form and colour to produce images with hidden depths.

Angie Rogers
‘Colour out of space’ is Viv Owen and Angie Rogers. We are presenting a vibrant selection of our work in drawing, printmaking and paint, featuring landscape, portrait and beyond.

Stanley Pile
I am a painter and my work is inspired by the essential natural environment.

Jude Howe
Jude’s work takes inspiration from the natural environment involving a range of mixed media including textiles, ceramics and kiln formed glass.

Cordy Askew
My work has a sculptural heart incorporating colour, form and texture using mixed media. It has organic elements juxtaposed with a certain quirkiness.

Rachel Mander
I work with paint, printmaking and sculpture. I enjoy the process of making and searching for inventive materials, being spontaneous and playful, without a formal plan of an end result.

Gay Wilsher
Mixed media artist, oils, watercolour. Presently concentrating on printmaking, especially drypoint etching. As a theme I have explored ’bottles’ used in Art, experimenting with different media. Also ceramics.

Deborah Paire
A mixture of painting, textiles, life drawing and printing.

Michael Horne
Explorations of landscape in different media – oil paint, pen, charcoal, oil pastel.

Sakinah Haq
I produce a wide range of work including mosaic mirrors, textile pieces, prints and paper mache.

Open 30th June/ 1st July

Valley Road, Hebden Bridge, HX7 7BZ
Tel: 01422 843519

Large, former warehouse, now containing workshops and studios of over 25 artists.

Steps. Partial disabled access to lower floor studios.
Parking nearby.


Kate Boyce
Mixed media paintings predominantly of the local landscape using semi-abstract style and vibrant colour. Originals and prints. Kate is also exhibiting her latest work at the Calder Gallery.

Joanna Kessel
Joanna specialises in mosaic, undertaking commissions for public and private clients. She is developing new work inspired by a recent residency in Shetland, funded by Arts Council England.

Lesley Fallais
Lesley specialises in the design and fabrication of site-specific artworks for public spaces. She collaborates with artists, architects, planners and engineers on projects within Urban Regeneration.

Kate Rhodes
Vibrant, funky jewellery in mixed metals, hallmarked silver and gold detail with a fabulous array of colours from recycled plastics. Tiny studs to large necklaces. Work for sale, including seconds.

Perri Webster
My current practice is a combination of the physical, sensual and intellectual focus of painting. An expressive abstract painter – themes and motives evolve through the act of painting.

Donald C Myers
Narrative Painter
‘Men of Substance’ Don Myers will be exhibiting work in progress – preparatory drawings and sketches for a large scale project commenting on issues concerning masculinity and the male ego.

Hannah Lawson
Hannah is a wildlife illustrator, mural painter, photographer and printmaker. Her art draws inspiration from her travels as an expedition leader on a small cruise ship that specialises in polar regions. 

James Fearon
The Head images exist in a cerebral landscape of their own making…….. reality  is between one’s ears. The borderless nature of this Landscape allows the Heads to be particular. 

Mandy Dessent
Mandy Dessent’s commissioned pieces have combined sculptural techniques with mosaic work. Mandy is currently completing her training as an Art Psychotherapist in Sheffield

Mike Williams
Mike Williams works to commission on Public art works, residences and workshop projects, He is currently exploring new avenues in cast and assemblage processes including kiln cast and hot worked glass.

Ruth Wurzburger
Ruth uses colour as an expressive medium. Her large paintings attempt to produce an emotional response; essentially life-affirming, of celebration, energy and spirit.

Catherine Sweeney
Visual artist
Catherine Sweeney uses personal experiences, memories and the immediate application of marks and lines to initiate her abstract images.

Linda Marshall-Griffiths
As well as several plays for Radio 4, Linda has been commissioned by the National Studio, the Unicorn Theatre for Children, Theatr Clwyd Mold and the Royal Exchange where she is the Pearson Writer-in-Resident.

Jane Revitt
Jane Revitt is an artist and designer who specialises in site specific work. She creates exhibitions and installations for museums, visitor centres, theatres, public buildings and corporate clients. 

Kate Boyce
Mixed media paintings predominantly of the local environment using a semi-abstract style and vibrant colour palette. Her latest work is on display at the Calder Gallery

Maureen Audsley
Maureen Audsley endevours to incorporate her interest in words and life drawing with her two and three dimensional clay work

Robin Smith
Glass artist
Rob’s work combines the techniques of blown and kiln formed glass, using colour, pattern and tones. He draws influences from many sources and the love of working with the material. 

Sue Turner
Ceramic artist / maker.
‘I reference relationships and enjoy to re-present familiar objects in my work’.

Georgie Dupree
Georgie’s intimate photographs focus on her everyday life and  the beauty of nature.

Jacky Murphy
Jacky’s inspiration is derived from many sources often grounded in figurative or natural forms.  Ultimately the work is defined by the process and the reaction of materials during firing.

Jane Dale
Textile artist
Jane works an expressive manner producing beautiful work using machine embroidery.

Johanne Deegan
Johanne is inspired by the tensions, contrasts and diversity that can be found within a landscape.  It is this interaction and balance that provide the basis for her non-representational paintings. 

Louise Comerford Boyes
Louise’s work is inspired by inside and outside spaces.  Colours, textures and shape taken from the environment inspire semi-abstracted and abstracted interpretations that celebrate atmospheric, pared-down impressions. 

Mary Loney
‘Once upon a time’
Paintings and mixed media exploring the dark stories of our collective childhood

Penny Wood
Bright, semi-abstract canvases and drawings.  Recent work is inspired by the tidal channels, lagoons and sea marshes of the Duddon Estuary in Cumbria

Paula Chambers
I am interested in exploring the lived female experience through sculptural objects and installation works using a broad variety of materials

Julie Rose Clark,
21 Lee View,
Hebden Bridge, HX7 8LQ
Home studio in cellar plus three floors of artwork. Julie's work ranges from the figurative to the spiritual.

Open: 14th/15th July and other times by appointment after 9th July

Steps. Parking nearby.


Studios open 11-5pm

Open 7/8 July

MICHAEL PEMSEL, Heptonstall Methodist Sunday School, Heptonstall.
Work displayed in room on lower floor of the Sunday School.

Steps. Public car park in Heptonstall.

Michael Pemsel takes inspiration from the landscape and is expressed in a variety of media, linocut, collagraph, pastel and painting.

Open 7/8 July

62, Towngate, Heptonstall, HX7 7NB

Studio in upstairs room of a cottage in Heptonstall overlooking Weavers Square.

Steps. Parking in public car park in Heptonstall.

Miriam ’s semi-abstract paintings are a translation of what she sees in the outside world with the help of her inner eye.

Open 7/8 July

LIZ JENKS, Cross Barn Crafts,
Cross Barn Cottage, 2, Whitehall Fold,
Heptonstall, HX7 7NY

Jewellery for sale in the garden summer house. Also open garden.

Steps. Parking in public car park in Heptonstall.

Cross Barn Crafts was developed 2 1/2 years ago in order to make and sell Silver and Bead Jewellery. I work in ‘precious metal clay’ which fires to fine silver. I will explain the techniques used.

Open 7/8 July

Weavers Square,
Heptonstall, HX7 7NS

The studio has a glass roof and flowers surrounding.

Easy access. Parking in public car park in Heptonstall.

Textile work, weaving and photography depicting the local beauty as well as a heartfelt concern for the environment.

Not opening - Alan's studio will not now be opening because of other work commitments


Higher Strines, Colden, Hebden Bridge, XH7 7HR

Higher Strines is an old farmhouse consisting of a series of spaces utilised for working, living and storing. Work is in cabinets, hung and stacked.

Steps. Parking nearby.

Alan Gummerson works in many different forms and media. Figurative and non-figurative, two and three dimensional. Prints, drawings, paintings, ceramics, bronzes and assemblages.


Studios open 11-5pm

Open 7/8 July, 14/15 July

11 Crossley Street, Todmorden, OL14 6NQ
Attic studio overlooking Todmorden.
Work on display throughout the house.

Steps. Parking in Longfield Road.

Gill Osborne works in pastel, watercolour, acrylic, gouache, pen, pencil and print. Her work depicts landscape, animals and mandalas.

Irene Vince also showing work at 11 Crossley Street. ‘Life from the back view’ consists of drawings, assemblage, mandalas and prints.

Open 14/15 July

20 Woodlands Avenue, Todmorden, OL14 5LT
Attic studio up two flights of stairs. 
Steps. Parking nearby.

Printmaking and drawing. Work connected to ourselves and environment, recently ‘the sea’ and Irish Bogs. ‘Flowering’ and ‘Those Who Dance’, film showings.

Collaborative works about Morecambe Bay and Broadhaven Bay, County Mayo.



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