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Disabled services

From Sutti H

Monday, 31 January 2011

I am not sure many people know, but there is something changing at the Calder Valley Club.

There seems to be a change in funding and I am not sure which story to believe. I do know it have provided a lifeline for many disabled people over the years. A warm meeting place where a meal can be bought at a reasonable price. A safe enviroment designed for the disabled and I have just read they have spent a grant on updating the canteen to a restaurant like facility.

I think society should be measured on how we treat disadvantaged and elderly people, and the last thing disabled people want is to fight for every service they deserve.

Their fight starts every morning when they open their eyes, so it is upto the local councilors to come forward and explain what is happening and why our disabled friends are becoming nervous. They really don't need the hassle

From Sutti H

Wednesday, 9 February 2011

I cannot believe not one councilor has the balls to just explain what is going on.

They are so quick to claim expenses, put their name to simple projects, have a quick photo shoot, but as soon as a difficult explination is required they all crawl under their stones.

I hope people remember in May when they want us to be bothered to vote.