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John Morrison remembered
John Morrison, who died in May aged 73, was one of the earliest contributors to the HebWeb. Starting in April 1997, just before the previous Labour landslide, John wrote a comic column we named View from the Bridge. The column affectionately mocked our town and area. Read this Lives Remembered page and perhaps contribute your memories. 15 July

Tour de France in Hebden Bridge - ten years ago in July 2014. "Hebden Bridge was at its most wonderful!" See HebWeb feature from July 2014

What's on in July? The Man Who Planted Trees, Wainsgate Dances Sunday Session, The Silk Road, Calder Valley Voices Summer Concert, Music at Wainsgate, Friends of Colden Clough Volunteer Day, Repair Cafe, Happy Valley Pride, Life As A Roman Legionary, Ambient Bowling, Stained Glass celebration and more. See What's On


9 July 2012 Flood A couple of weeks after the previous flood, one month's rain fell in three hours. Click photo above to enlarge. Read HebWeb report from 14 years ago

Labour Win Calder Valley
Josh Fenton-Glynn has won in the Calder Valley at his 4th attempt, having previously campaigned in 2015, 2017 and 2019, with a thumping 9000 majority. See HebWeb General Election page for details. 5 July, 5.15am

General Election Turnout in the Calder Valley constituency was 64.37% compared with 72.9% in 2019. 5 July, 4am

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General Election: Who are the Candidates? The HebWeb has information on each of the seven candidates for the Calder Valley Constituency. Read about the candidates in the HebWeb general election section.

The Irish Times visits Hebden Bridge: Reporter Mark Paul, in town to write a feature about the election, hears busker James Bragg singing The Foggy Dew, an Irish rebel song. The singer tells him he'll be voting Green. "There was more than a touch of the atmosphere of west Cork in this attractive corner of West Yorkshire." Read Irish Times article 26 June

General Election: is the HebWeb home page for general elections in the Calder Valley. It gives results and info about the last few general elections, and there is now a fresh page providing info for the election on 4 July - HebWeb General Election page. Seven candidates are now listed. updated 14 June 2024

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Permits to be required at Waste Recycling Centres throughout Calderdale, including the local one at Eastwood between Tod and Hebden Bridge. Read more, and how to apply 20 June

Seven General Election candidates for the Calder Valley constituency - Josh Fenton-Glynn (Lab), Vanessa Lee (Con), Jim McNeill (SDP), Donal O'Hanlon (LD), Kieran Turner (Gn), James Vasey, (YP) and Donald Walmsley (RP) More info. 10 June

Community Land Trust latest - News from this community organisation which works at meeting housing needs in this part of Calderdale. Read more. 22 June

Plant Sale Beats Own Record: The annual Plant Sale and Cream Tea event, held in Todmorden, on 2 June, raised almost £2000, to be donated to two charities: Freedom from Torture and Torture ID. Organisers thank all those who donated plants, scones and cakes. 25 June

Twinning Society Garden Party For the first time in several years, the sun shone on the Hebden Bridge Twinning Society Annual Garden Party on Sunday 23 June. Read more

Bus timetables for bus users in and around Hebden Bridge who don't have access to apps on mobile phones, or own a computer, it's now possible to pick up paper copies of timetables at the new Halifax bus station. (Thanks to Vikki Uttly.)

The Interview

George Murphy met with Old Town historian, Alan Fowler and asked him about his early years, confrontations with the law, walking out on Bob Dylan, fear of flying and much more. Read the Interview

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Sewage protest in Hebden Bridge Activists from 'Friends of the River Calder' organised a protest last weekend to remind the new government to prioritise river sewage issues. The public were invited to play a carnival-inspired 'Hook a Poop'. Read more 10 July

Town Council job vacancy Hebden Royd Town Council are looking for an exceptionally organised Finance Officer to join their small team at the Council. More info. 8 July

Calderdale Council has stopped using peat Peatlands are major carbon stores and support vulnerable wildlife. When peat is dug up to provide compost for gardening, the stored carbon is released into the environment, contributing to climate change. Read more 8 July

Meadows Day at High Hirst Woodmeadow - On Saturday, 6 July, there was a family-friendly nature fun day at Town Council managed ancient grassland, and local wildlife site, High Hirst Woodmeadow. More info

Schools marched through Hebden Bridge for the Climate Junior schools, including Scout Road, Riverside, Hebden Royd and Burnley Road, have completed the Town Council's first year long Interschool Climate Café programme in a visually stunning fashion. Read more 3 July

Murphy's Lore

Murphy's Lore - In the latest episode, there's a vision of a better world, old mills and child mortality, Grace Jones hula hooping, Sally Wainwright filming, the mental health crisis, a new and old folktale, a book and film recommended and a gathering of a clan. Read the latest episode - 30 June

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Riot Women, the new Sally Wainwright BBC series, being filmed outside the Shoulder of Mutton in Hebden Bridge. 26 June

Coat of Hopes Visited Hebden Bridge on Weds 3 July. The Coat of Hopes is a patchwork coat that is on an ongoing walk through Britain. Made, worn and walked by hundreds of people during and since its pilgrimage from the south coast of England to COP 26, the UN climate summit, in Glasgow in 2021. Read more

The Victorian Era - A Legacy of Antiques: Sheila Antrobus, speaker at the recent University of the 3rd Age meeting, spoke about Victorian rich and poor, the Great Stink of 1858, châtelaine belts, pocket watches, walking sticks and more. Read report. 24 June

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One Woman Protest in the Square
More discussion on the HebWeb Forum 18 June

Brass Band Contest 2024 See this YouTube video of one of the bands taking part. 18 June

More trouble at Salem
See HebWeb Forum
17 June

The Man Who Planted Trees: Hebden Bridge Arts were back with more creative opportunities as part of Calderdale's Year of Culture, featuring community events, workshops and exhibitions from March to July. First exhibition: 28 May. Read more

New Mayor for Hebden Royd On 22 May, the Annual Meeting of Hebden Royd Town Council was held at the Town Hall and appointed Cllr. Pat Fraser as Mayor for 2024-2025, and Cllr. Keith Butterick as Deputy Mayor. More info and photos.

Windfarm Meeting More than 250 people from across the Calder Valley turned out to learn more about the environmental threats and challenges raised by the proposed Calderdale Wind Farm on Walshaw Moor Estate. Read report

Calder Valley Musicians support Medical Aid for Palestinians Musicians from the Calder Valley helped raise more funds for Medical Aid for Palestine with a gig at St Mary's Church, Todmorden on Friday 7 June. Read more

John Lyons at the Whitworth, Manchester John Lyons and Jean Rees ran the Hourglass Gallery in Hebden Bridge for many years. Having had an exhibition at the Tate last year, he now has an exhibition and retrospective at the Whitworth Gallery. Read more 18 May

The Interview

George Murphy's latest interview reveals the life and career of artist Simon Manfield. A man who crossed the world to find a place that feels like home. Simon shares reflections on childhood in Australia, his love of drawing, how he was inspired by the works of George Mackay Brown and his moving depiction of the uncovering of the remains of Spaniards slain by Franco's firing squads during the Spanish Civil War. Read the Interview

45 years of twinning! Over the weekend, Hebden Bridge and St Pol celebrated 45 years. Read more about the Twinning Society trip to the French town. 15 May

Northern Lights

Northern Lights over Hebden Bridge, 10 May 2024 with many thanks to photographer Andrew Smith. Click on image to see large version of this photo.

No Mow May - letting Nature flourish Calderdale Council is letting nature flourish this May by taking part in the annual campaign to reduce grass cutting that takes place during the month. Read more 7 May


Far more than a large home page, the HebWeb is now an essential local resource. It has been around for nearly 30 years, covering local news, events, opinions, tourist info, small ads, where to stay and much, much more. Updated every day. Read more and go deeper into the HebWeb.

Local Election Results: Labour win 3 Upper Valley seats and retain control of Calderdale Council. Josh Fenton-Glynn is re-elected councillor for Calder Ward, covering Hebden Bridge, Jane Scullion is elected for Luddendenfoot Ward, covering Mytholmroyd, and Diana Tremayne is elected for Todmorden. See votes cast, candidates and turnout. 3 May 2024, 3.15pm

The Interview

In George Murphy's latest interview, find out about the dynamic, tenacious and multi skilled Director of Hebden Bridge Film Festival, how her interest in theatre developed into a love of film and what's involved in organising the Film Festival. Read the Interview

History of The Little Theatre The History Society heard from Vaughan Leslie how he has been working to digitise memorabilia, from programmes and reviews to set designs and cast photographs. The result is a comprehensive Centenary Album, a digital archive and an exhibition at the Town Hall throughout May. Read report

Film Festival 2024 - it's a wrap: The fifth annual Hebden Bridge Film Festival, which took place at the Picture House and Town Hall from 15-17 March celebrated international film and brought a record number of 2673 viewers to the area for a weekend of entertainment, excitement and emotion. Read more 6 April

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Yorkshire Moderates during a Revolution Mike Crawford told the Local History Society how Barack Obama's A Promised Land led him to reflect on the parallels between the frenzied and polarised politics of 21st century USA and the political hysteria of late 17th Century England. Read more 4 April

More Pace Egg madness The Pace Egg Players on Good Friday (29 March) in Weavers Square, Heptonstall. Read this HebWeb news item and find links to background info and photos of previous years. More 2024 photos.

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Crippen - A case of Mistaken Identity? The speaker at the recent University of Third Age meeting was Doctor Julian Somerville. He described Crippen's marriage, affair, accusation of murder and famous arrest. Read report 25 March


Mytholmroyd Station Latest News After 17 years of meetings, they have been successful with the Community Ownership Fund. Plans to install basic amenities before the first artistic tenants come, in about twelve months time. Read and see more 24 March

New bridge opens in Mytholmroyd: Pedestrians can now walk to the centre of Mytholmroyd more easily, thanks to a modern new footbridge that crosses the River Calder. The bridge opened by Jo Ward to the public on Wednesday 20 March 2024. Read more 21 March 2024

Valley Community Meals Read how the local volunteer group, which provides 3 course meals with table service - no questions asked - has grown over the past 2 years. Guests give donations if they can afford it. Read more

Town Council backs calls for ceasefire in Gaza On Wednesday 6th March 2024, Hebden Royd Town Council passed a motion calling for an immediate permanent ceasefire. Read more

The Interview

Satnam Singh has been the Hebden Bridge Sub Postmaster since 2008.

In this interview, he reveals how he used his own money to make up for losses shown on the faulty Fujitsu Horizon program. When George Murphy met up with him, he was struck by Satnam's dynamism, his endless work for charity and his determination to carry on serving the community. Read the Interview

White Lee bye-election result Labour's Steve Woodhead won the Town Council seat with 197 votes. The Liberal Democrat candidate Chris Wadsworth received 102 votes. The turnout was 23%.

Small Ads Thank you to everyone who responded (too many to reply to personally). I have somewhere now.

Walshaw Moor wind farm - website launched: Stop Calderdale Wind Farm have now launched a website as a platform for the growing opposition to the proposal to build the largest onshore wind farm in England, just above Hebden Bridge. High profile names are now adding their support, including Martin Parr. Read more 30 Jan

White Lee bye-election (1) Luddenden Foot Labour Party has chosen Steve Woodhead as its candidate for the White Lee byelection to Hebden Royd Town Council on 15th February. Read more 29 Jan

Hebden Bridge Little Theatre Celebrates Centenary During 2024 Hebden Bridge Little Theatre is celebrating 100 years! Not even the Second World War could prevent the curtain being raised, with well over 70,000 seats being sold during the six-year conflict. Read more 17 Jan

Whatever happened to Happy Valley - update
Dave Boardman updates HebWeb readers with the latest info following his daughter's dismissal for her her lesbian-feminist views as recounted in his controversial article last April, his continued disappointment with the Labour Party and how he persuaded the Town Council to adopt a Social Media policy. Read more 12 Jan

Walshaw Moor Windfarm Guardian article argues "Mooted project in West Yorkshire could cause 'heartbreaking' disruption for wildlife and harm local tourist industry, say critics." And "What do Saudi developers know of Heathcliff?" Read Guardian article 7 Jan

Swimming Pool Latest: A new Committee is exploring an unheated, open air pool option as its 'new vision'. Read more about the latest plans, along with links to news coverage and forum discussion on the HebWeb over the past 20+ years. 5 Jan

UK's 'prettiest towns for Christmas shopping' according to The Times has Hebden Bridge as number one. Read article 28 Nov

The Interview

The latest interview features writer and broadcaster, Horatio Clare. George Murphy caught up with him at a local hostelry to hear his views on mental health, farming, travel, SAD, music, world affairs, life in Hebden Bridge and his BBC Radio 4 series: Is Psychiatry Working?

Read all 35+ HebWeb Interviews

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Hebden Bridge centre

14 years ago: June 2012 Flood. Click image to see larger version - See 2012 report

Help with restoration work at Withens Clough The National Trust and Yorkshire Water have announced plans for upcoming landscape restoration work around Withens Clough Reservoir, with the chance for locals to help. More info 13 June

Peat-Free Hanging Baskets - Hebden Bridge and Mytholmroyd are looking vibrant again thanks to the return of 140 beautiful hanging baskets once again adorning the front of local shops. Read more 10 June

Woodcraft Folk's Height Gate is 25
Today, members, past members and supporters of the Woodcraft Folk, celebrated 25 years since Height Gate, situated below Stoodley Pike, was opened as a camping barn. Read more 8 June

Valley Road closed after a large water burst this morning which also left much of the town without water, for some hours. 7 June

Ebb and Flow: Exhibition about river walk. Local artist Annie Harrison will be exhibiting artwork from 14-16 June at Northlight Studios, inspired by a walk along the river network from Mytholmroyd to Hull.   Read more 5 June

Heptonstall Museum's interesting programme of talks for the next few months now added to the HebWeb What's on section.

Heptonstall Museum marks a year since volunteer reopening. More than 4,000 people have visited in the past 12 months. Read BBC report.

Jeremy Corbyn in Hebden Bridge A clip of the crowds at our Town Hall welcoming the former Labour leader in May 2017 was featured in this Double Down News video where he announced that he is standing as an Independent for the coming election. See HebWeb archive report of the 2017 visit. 24 May

Sewer Discharge into River Calder From 11am this morning, Yorkshire Water has been discharging sewage into the River Calder at Princess Bridge, near Machpelah, Hebden Bridge. And since 11.30am, into the Calder at Eastwood. This evening, discharges around Central Street and Oldgate. See the live sewage discharge map. 22 May, updated at 11.55pm

Forum discussion currently includes sale of ancient meadows, town centre bars spilling on to pavements, asbestos at Acre Mill, the large proposed windfarm, and travel to and from hospital. Read more. 22 May

So You Want to be a Pirate Chris Helme gave a recent meeting of the University of the 3rd Age a brief history of pirating, including its golden age, pieces of eight, the black eye patch, Blackbeard, Captain Morgan and Davey Jones' Locker. Read report. 21 May

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Where to stay

Where to Stay in Hebden Bridge. See the HebWeb listings of accommodation, self catering and bed and breakfast options for when you visit our wonderful area. Where to Stay.

Camera Club - 2024 Exhibition


Above: last year's winner: Spooky Woods by Jennifer Hartshorn. This year's exhibition will be taking place at the Town Hall in Hebden Bridge during the last week in August. More info and photos. 20 May

ChoirFest Last weekend, seven choirs sang at St James' Church, raising £1100 for local charity, Music for the Many who were represented by a group of three teens called Low Expectations. Read more 16 May

GrubHub Update Calder GrubHub continues to supply the community with great meals every Wednesday. It's a collective, staffed entirely by volunteers and there is a constant need for new volunteers. More info 14 May


Daniel Bath talking about Lucy Illingworth The latest episode of Viv and Dave Boardman's podcast Real Voices of Happy Valley features Hebden Bridge piano teacher Daniel Bath talking about Lucy Illingworth, blind piano sensation, Read more

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Music at Wadsworth at Wadsworth Community Centre on Saturday 18th May. Due to illness, Sam Carter will replace Granny's Attic. Read more

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What's On See Trades Club Anniversary events and Hebden Bridge Arts events, which have recently been added

Medieval Churches of West Yorkshire Dave Weldrake told a recent meeting of the University of the Third Age about the origins the churches which grew up during Anglo Saxon, Norman times, and the later Middle Ages. Read more

Hepton Singers' 50th anniversary concert On Saturday 18th May, 4pm at Heptonstall Church, this year's Hepton Singers May concert marked 50 years since the choir's first public performance in the Spring of 1974. Read more 18 April

Sewage Spills The Guardian reports that one of the worst places in England for sewage spills in 2023, with 5647 spills, was the Halifax/ Calderdale region, with nearly 200 of them being around Hebden Bridge. See Guardian report 28 March

Director of the British Museum: Nicholas Cullinan, who grew up in Hebden Bridge, has been appointed to run the British Museum. For the past few years he has been Director of the National Portrait Gallery and has recently given talks in Hebden Bridge to the Lit and Sci. See Guardian report 28 March

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Ted Hughes Estate Backs the Campaign to stop Wind Farm The Ted Hughes Estate, run by Carol Hughes (widow of the Mytholmroyd-born Poet Laureate) is backing the campaign, along with leading academics from the Ted Hughes Society and the Ted Hughes Network. Read more 3 March

Writers, artists and conservationists oppose windfarm - Over 350 writers, artists and conservationists have written an open letter to the Times Literary Supplement opposing the Calderdale Wind Farm. Read more

'New Movie Making Mecca' - The Daily Mail have an extensive article, with photos old and new, on Halifax this New Year's Day, and how our area has become a top filming location which has helped it to be the fastest growing tourist destination in the UK. Read article 1 Jan

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Benjamin Zephaniah: From the HebWeb Archive for July, 1999: "On Tuesday night, the Picture House was full for Benjamin Zephaniah. Nearly all of the 500 attending signed the petition calling upon the Council to keep the building."

HebWeb Small Ads: "I found a new tenant in no time at all thanks to the ad, so much appreciated." From message received.

Labour row over choice of candidate Widespread anger is being expressed on social media after Calder Valley Labour Party members were offered just three people to choose from, when they come to vote for their parliamentary candidate for next year's general election. Read more

'Community-spirited walkers' town' with independent shops and literary connections. "This proudly independent 'Happy Valley' town marches to its own beat and has dramatic Pennine walks on the doorstep." Read article in the "i" newspaper 3 Nov

Blackshaw Head and May's Shop were featured in a Daily Mirror artcile. Locals in village say that have an amazing community with people kind and helpful - and "if you can survive your first winter here you'll stay forever." Read article 21 Oct

Behind the pages of Pennine Pens - In episode 10 of Real Voices of Happy Valley, Hebweb editor Chris Ratcliffe chats with Viv Boardman about the origins of Pennine Pens, Jill Liddington's early work on Anne Lister, creating the Sylvia Plath online forum, Hebweb, View From The Bridge and more. More info.

The Tempest at the Town Hall Message received: "120 people came which is in my book a tribute to HebWeb!!"

New Sally Wainwright Drama set in Hebden Bridge. The 6 episodes of Hot Flush centre on the lives of five women of a certain age who come together to create a makeshift punk-rock band in order to enter a talent contest. See BBC report.

Station booking office saved Transport Secretary Mark Harper said today that the government had asked train operators to withdraw their proposals to close booking offices. See July news item 31 Oct

Market Street No pot holes, no bumps and no parking! This follows the work completed this month.

Ian McMillan's The Verb recorded for BBC Radio in front of a live audience at the Trades Club, Hebden Bridge. Listen now

"Calderdale Libraries Hide Feminist Books" is the title of a new thread on the discussion forum. The HebWeb has raised the issue with Calderdale Council. Read messages and see BBC article

Inside Hebden Bridge - "from hippies to BBC's Happy Valley to one of UK's prettiest towns, . . . with its rolling green hills, historial architecture and the River Calder flowing through its veins." Read Daily Mirror feature

Extinction Rebellion protest in Hebden Bridge, against Yorkshire Water using the region's rivers as a dumping ground for effluent — and sometimes raw sewage. They claim that the River Calder is the 2nd most polluted river in Britain. See Morning Star report

Rebuilding Calder High - Head speaks to Channel 4 News Tony Guise, the Head Teacher of Calder High School, was interviewed on Channel 4 News on Wednesday 28 June about the state of school buildings. Read more along with links to HebWeb reports from 2009, 2011 and 2015.

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Calder Grub Hub needs volunteers to help with a range of jobs including cooking, serving, setting up, washing up, clearing up or being on hand to help where needed and fundraising. Read more

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The Gallows Pole now available on BBC iPlayer. Based on the book by local writer, Benjamin Myers, the series is a fictionalised take on the true story of David Hartley and the Cragg Vale Coiners. See Five star review from the Guardian

Traffic Problems in Hebden Bridge - featured on BBC's Look North. And the delays are not set to end anytime soon. Watch 2-3 minute clip.

A New Mayor for Hebden Royd On 17th May, the Annual Meeting of Hebden Royd Town Counciil saw Cllr Bernice Hayes take the chain for the Mayoral year of 2023/24. The Deputy Mayor will be Cllr Pat Fraser. Read more

Hebden Bridge's Jane Scullion to lead Calderdale Cllr Scullion has been Deputy Leader for 4 years and is about to take over as leader of Calderdale Council from Tim Swift Read more 12 May

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Whatever happened to Happy Valley? Most people who've lived in the area a while will know Dave Boardman and appreciate all he has done for our community. Now he and his wife Viv are moving away. They cite a 'toxic storm of intolerance' and lack of support from friends, especially those in the Labour Party, for their efforts to stand by their daughter who has been 'unfairly dismissed' from her teaching job for her views on biological sex. Read more 14 April. See Discussion Forum - over 50 responses.

Craig Whittaker won't stand again MP for our Calder Valley constituency since 2010, Craig Whittaker has confirmed he won't contest the next General Election. See BBC report.

Small Ads "We placed an ad for a 3-bedroom home to rent in Mytholmroyd. We had an overwhelming response . . . And thanks for maintaining this important service to the Hebden Bridge community." See Small Ads

Happy Valley: Two different views of our town:

Daily Mirror - Hebden Bridge: What life's really like in Happy Valley. Read article

The Sun - Hebden Bridge: What life's really like in Happy Valley". Read article

Alice Mahon dies: As MP for Halifax for 18 years from 1987 to 2005, Alice Mahon often spoke in Hebden Bridge, especially in the run-up to the Iraq War which she fiercely opposed. See this HebWeb report from 2009 on why she left Labour. And this BBC report of her death. 31 Dec


Hebden Bridge: one of the best independent high streets. Today's Observer says of our town: "Famous for its bohemian vibe, Hebden Bridge is a hotbed of independent designers, artists and craftspeople." Read report

Bernard Ingham, Margaret Thatcher's former Press Secretary, who started his career on the Hebden Bridge Times, has died. Click here to read some of the coverage of Bernard Ingham by the HebWeb over the past 25+ years

Station booking office closure demo The news of proposed closure of the booking office at Hebden Bridge station has provoked outrage. A quickly arranged protest brought out more than 50 people in the rain to make clear that this booking office is valued by the community. Read more 12 July - see BBC News item

Save our stations! Calderdale Labour councillors have slammed new proposals to close ticket offices at stations serving the Calder Valley line, calling for members of the public to join them in campaigning against the cuts. Read more - and see Forum thread

"HebWeb is our 'go to resource' that allows us to stay up to speed with all things Hebden Bridge." - from message received.

Gallows Pole brings more visitors The Guardian reports a surge of visitors captivated by the true story of illegal coin-minting operation. Read Guardian article 18 June

Moonwort found in the Crags An incredibly rare species of fern has been found in fields at Hardcastle Crags. Moonwort hasn't been recorded in Calderdale for 40 years. Read more.

Hali-wood With the BBC2 adaptation of the Ben Myers novel The Gallows Pole the Observer had a piece on filming in Halifax, Hebden Bridge and Calderdale. Read article

Calderdale Election Results: Labour's Israr Ahmed has won the Calder Ward, covering Hebden Bridge. Labour's Katie Kimber has won in Luddendenfoot, the ward which covers Mytholmroyd. Labour's Silvia Dacre takes Todmorden. See results and number of votes. 5 May,

Election Turnout: Calder ward had the highest in Calderdale with 48%, and Luddendenfoot ward, the second highest with 42%

No Vote for Town Council unless you live in the Fairfield ward. Labour retain control of Hebden Royd Town Council without a vote being cast. Five of the six wards had only three candidates meaning all were elected. 4 years until the next opportunity to vote for the whole Council. Fairfield ward election result - all three seats go to Labour. Read more and voting numbers.

Filming is Booming with 27 film and TV productions in Hebden Bridge and Calderdale during 2022. Marvel's Secret Invasion, The Gallows Pole, Full Monty 2 and Boat Story are some of the productions we can expect to see soon. Read more about filming in our area.

Lives Remembered: Jocelin Black

Jocelin died peacefully a few days before her 96th birthday and will be remembered locally as a teacher, poet, political and social activist. Jocelin was a fierce opponent of any injustice, iniquity or inequality that she saw. Read more

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Trevor Beale's Fireside Stories from 1971-1974. Before his early death at the age of 34, Hebden Bridge folk musician Trevor Beale had composed and recorded the tracks of this new album. Tracks which were rediscovered around 3 years ago. Read more about this remarkable story, and pre-order the album.

Life in the real Happy Valley As millions watched the last thrilling episode of Happy Valley filmed around here, more of the media are publishing articles about our area. See this BBC feature.

How Happy Valley affects house prices

Daily Mail: house prices 'plummeting' Read article

The Sun: house prices 'booming'.
Read article

Liz Truss's Hebden Bridge past - Former Prime Minister Liz Truss was the Conservative candidate for our Calder Valley seat in the 2005 General Election, and lived in Hebden Bridge. She was defeated by Labour's Chris McCafferty, having misled local Tories about her private life. Read more

Large Fire at La Perla Restaurant


The Fire Service and the Council asked people to avoid the area. Some roads in the centre were closed. 10 fire engines. See HebWeb news for more info, Local Giving Appeal and media links. Click photo to enlarge. 2 Aug 2022

37 degrees in Hebden Bridge at 3pm, 19 July 2022. The last time the HebWeb reported such a high temperature, apart from 18 July, also 33 degrees, was 25 July 2019. See 2019 report.

Yorkshire Water sees highest water use in 15 years They provided more than 1.56 billion litres of water on Monday – which is around 260 million litres more than usual - enough to supply the whole of York and Leeds. Read more.

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Green Pages Archive 2000 - 2005, a collaboration between the HebWeb, Frogs Design, the HB Times and the former Alternative Technology Centre, now once again available - see here.

Message received to say thanks: "Brill. Where would our town be without Hebweb!"

Heptonstall: "The beautiful medieval village an hour's drive from Manchester with no cars on the cobbled streets" - see article in Manchester Evening News

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CROWS - repairing and improving our local footpaths

Volunteers from CROWS - our local Community Rights of Way Service  - continue to improve and repair footpaths in our area and the rest of the Upper Valley. See video and read about some of their recent work

HebWeb Small Ads - received today: Please take this ad down as we have been indundated, and now have the perfect person.

Hebden Bridge in the National Media - this HebWeb feature looks at how our town and its issues have been reported over the past 20-25 years, including greatest town accolades, 4th funkiest town in the world, UK's second city, Have I got News for you, Any Questions at the Town Hall and much more. Read the article

Hebden Bridge traffic and carbon emissions set to increase argues Friends of the Earth campaigner Anthony Rae. He makes the case that the proposed A646 corridor improvement programme will increase traffic and carbon emissions. See this Forum message.

The Making of a Town Hall Now that the rebuilt Town Hall is 10 years old, read how the development of this groundmaking project was reported on the HebWeb from 2007 until 2012 when it opened. See this HebWeb feature 27 June

Filming in Calderdale

A new website, showcasing the magnificent architecture and landscape available to be used for filming in our area, has now launched. The website also includes info on how residents or businesses can offer-up their premises for filming. More info 9 May

Small Ads successes: "We have been successful at finding accommodation through Hebweb" and "Successful sale to someone who will enjoy using the van. Excellent result from Hebweb."

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Messages to HebWeb: ". . . after months of procrastinating, we've cancelled the Hebden Bridge Times (no journalists left!) and going to rely on Hebweb - much more professional and useful!" 23 Feb 2022

And this reply received 25 Feb: "Cannot agree more with the comment about HB Times. No longer a local paper, ruined by the present publishers. HebWeb is so much better"

May's Shop is featured on the BBC. May Stocks has been running her store in Colden, 6 days a week, since 1974. See this short video clip from the BBC.

'Grotty' trains with 'filthy' seats Reporter Vicki Grimshaw spent over 24 hours travelling on our railway, with passengers complaining about delays and high costs. A man described the trains as 'a nightmare' Read Daily Mirror report

Bestselling English language writer in Germany: According to Der Spiegel, The Offing by Hebden Bridge writer, Benjamin Myers, is expected to be the best selling English language novel in Germany this year, ahead of Sally Rooney and Stephen King and is currently third in their overall fiction best sellers list. Ben was featured in The HebWeb Interview recently.

It Takes A Flood… ITV programme shown on Tuesday evening (2 Nov) features Hebden Bridge, our community Town Hall and Khalsa Aid, all towards the end of the programme. Watch now

Walking around Tod - "The industrial past blends with nature, the community runs on kindness and it's home to England's highest beach" See Guardian article

Small Ads response received: "I have found a tenant. Many thanks for this fantastic service."


Flooded six times since 2000 - there have now been six major floods, and many more smaller ones in the past 20 years. Links to HebWeb reports of previous floods.

Banking in Hebden Bridge: 'The only banks left in Hebden Bridge are grass ones down by the river'. See this weekend's article on the bankless town of Hebden Bridge in This is Money

The National Geographic's Cool List for 2019 has West Yorkshire at number 7. The Calder Valley is highlighted - "with hippyish Hebden Bridge as its epicentre" - as a "burgeoning hub for restaurants and independent shops." )

Gentleman Jack

Gentleman Jack

The first episodes of Gentleman Jack, the new drama from Happy Valley writer Sally Wainwright, are based upon a book written about Anne Lister by local writer, Jill Liddington and published by Hebden Bridge publishers, Pennine Pens. More info, links and trailers

Small Ads: "Hebweb scores again! I have sold my electric lawnmower today"

HebWeb Small Ads We've been overwhelmed with the response and quality of applicants! Thanks so much!


No banks. No petrol. Lloyds Bank was the last bank left in Hebden Bridge. It closed this month. Shepherds was the last petrol garage still open in Hebden Bridge. It stopped selling petrol this month.

Have I Got News for You This prime time BBC 1 programme featured the Cornholme library notice story, and its reference to 'the cesspit that is Hebden Bridge'. Click here for the 35 second clip.

Hebden Bridge trends on Twitter Once again, Hebden Bridge is in the news following extensive posting on Twitter and Facebook about this notice which appeared in Cornholme's free library. Read more

Crystal Wilde: Finding peace in hippie Hebden Bridge: "Hippies, hikers, kooky cafes, drugs and lesbians: my home town of Hebden Bridge is notorious for many reasons, some more surprising than others." See feature in The Independent

Small Ads response received: "Can you please remove my ad for the house at Tod as it's now been let, the response has been amazing"

Murphy's LoreMURPHY'S LORE

Murphy's Lore, the book, from the popular HebWeb column, is finally published. Read the weekly record of a dramatic year in the life of the UK. 52 episodes, viewed from Hebden Bridge. More info, and how to buy the book

Small Ad house sale response: "offer received within a week of listing on HebWeb. Brilliant, thank you!"

HebWeb Small Ads positive feedback: 1. "Brilliant as ever. Thank you. Ads fulfilled". 2. "We've been inundated with enquiries from potential tenants."

HebWeb Small Ads. Message received about ad for 2 bed house: "I've had so many people message about this I can't keep up with replying."

Small Ads - "We filled the vacancy thanks to the Hebweb, brilliant service"

Hebden Bridge on Woman's Hour (from around 28 mins in) - our area is praised for being friendly to lesbians the liberal minded, creatives and progressives, for its co-operatives, hippies and Sylvia Plath's grave. And they plan to do a Woman's Hour from Hebden Bridge.

HebWeb Small Ads - The HebWeb is brilliant. Found tutor within 3 days. The response was excellent as was the calibre of the candidates.

Small Ads - 3 two bed houses to rent, all announced the same day, on the HebWeb Smalls Ads page

Small Ads message - "Once again, great success by placing my house to rent on HebWeb!"

Huffington Post on Hebden Bridge: "You will find a town that was almost abandoned, but brought back to life by hippies, artists and lesbians looking for a place to make a life." Written by Sean Pert, who continues: "The town doesn't just tolerate its LGBT+ community, it values and embraces us." Read more

Hebden Bridge: How a thriving town lost its last bank: This Guardian article reports that, "Residents feel angry and let down as Lloyds departs, but one man (David Fletcher) has a plan to fill the gap." Only a few years ago, Hebden Bridge had five full time banks. The last one, Lloyds, closed last week. Read article)


Hebden Bridge is Cool - Hebden Bridge has made National Geographic's Cool list. "The Calder Valley - with hippyish Hebden Bridge as its epicentre - is a burgeoning hub for restaurants and independent shops." See article.

Save Hebden Bridge Signal Box

Saignal Box

After more than 125 years as a familiar sight in the town, Network Rail have pulled the levers for the last time. Two community groups have put forward proposals for the building to be saved and restored to its former Lancashire & Yorkshire Railway glory. More info and leaflet

Fox and Goose one of top 50 pubs according to The Guardian

Hebden Bridge features in The Spectator "The Yorkshire town that’s gone from dirty old buildings to New Age nirvana" by William Cook.

Small Ads: "Please can you remove small ad. I had a response within an hour of the ad going live and the first viewer took the house. I had 8 requests to view in 24 hours. Brilliant!"

Small Ads message - "Just to say that my cottage has now been let. Thanks once again to HebWeb!"

One hour from hb9

Less than an hour from Hebden Bridge: try these halls, houses and galleries which many may not have heard about. Yet they are just on our doorstep. If you can't find anything to do locally (see What's On), have a look at this new HebWeb Feature.

Hebden Bridge, the UK's second city, BBC article by Evan Davis. "Hebden Bridge is an inverted city with a greenbelt centre and suburbs called Manchester, Leeds and Liverpool." Read the article

Small Ads: "House successfully rented through Hebweb. Fantastic posting wall!"

Selling my house on HebWeb was "extremely successful - I hope to complete on the sale in 2 weeks time, and I think I could have sold it a few times over."

Smll Ads: "I had so many wonderful responses to my ad for someone to help me re-organize my house post-flood, I wanted to employ everyone! Thank you." - Susan

Small Ads - I just wanted to let you know that through my small ad on your site I found my ideal new home, meeting all my requirements. Thank you very much for such a great resource

Small Ads: "Ad posted Monday, lease to be signed Saturday and tenant moving in Sunday. Thanks HebWeb."

"Unbelievable result Hebweb. So many enquiries in response to the small ad on your site and now have lovely new tenants. What a success - Thank you Hebweb."

HebWeb also available on the slightly shorter as well as

Small Ads - "We placed a job ad on the Hebweb recently, intending to keep it there for 2 weeks, but we had to take it down after 3 days due to the huge response generated"

Britain's favourite market town? Hebden Bridge has been shortlisted in the 'Britain's favourite market town' category in the BBC Countryfile Magazine Awards 2013. Read more

Guardian Northerner: Hebden Bridge the UK's coolest place? The Yorkshire Paradise has won its fourth accolade in a decade. Born, brought up and living here, Rachel Pickering is loyal, but has one or two cautionary thoughts.

Small ads: "We've successfully rented our house. Thanks for an excellent service - I'll heartily recommend Hebweb, as our house was previously listed through an estate agent who didn't manage to get us a tenant in 3 months - through Hebweb we had 4 prospective tenants within a week."

TwitterHebWeb on Twitter - join our 3750+ followers.

Small Ads: We had a prospective buyer view it, she loves the house and has put in offer we've accepted. So, thank-you!

"In a world where style often triumphs over substance, Hebweb is reassuringly informative, reliable and clear. An invaluable community resource and public information forum reflecting the independent spirit of Hebden Bridge. Lesley at Elmet Farmhouse.

Floods: HebWeb Gallery - 24 photos taken on the morning of Boxing Day, 2015.

Small Ads: "Amazing but my house in Tod got rented out within 30 minutes after putting the house on Hebweb."

HebWeb Feature on the 2015 Boxing Day Flood, gathering together many of the articles, news, links, photos and videos. Updated reguarly.

Small Ads success - "Hi there I have found lovely tenants for my house in less than 24 hours. Amazing!" Re house to let in Mytholmroyd.

Small Ads - "Choosing to advertise the house for rent on the Hebweb was incredibly effective. The perfect tenants were found within 48 hours"

From Steve Farrell, now living in Mysore, India: "As someone who lives abroad, the Hebweb site has always been critical for keeping in touch 'back home' in Hebden. I've just needed to re-advertise my home for rent, so where to turn to? The Hebweb, of course. The Ad was up within minutes and there were 10 enquiries within 24 hours. Superb!" See Small Ads.

'Greatest Town in Europe' - as well as being the 4th funkiest town in the world, Culture Trip gives 12 Reasons why Hebden Bridge 'is known as the greatest town in Europe'. Read article

Hebden Bridge in Yorkshire crowned best place in the UK - 'Machine learning' used millions of data points to discover top locations. Read more

From the archive: The Times listed the 30 coolest places to live in Britain. Number one was Hebden Bridge.

Let's move to Hebden Bridge From the Guardian. If the roots of its liberal and creative image are a mystery, its appeal is obvious. See also: HebWeb report from Sept 2005

HebWeb Small Ads message: "Please could you close the advert? We've been overwhelmed with the response and quality of applicants! Thanks so much!"

Small Ads: Very good service, result achieved in only 4 days.

Hebden Bridge Station car park to expand: Calderdale Council is working with Network Rail, which owns the land to the east of the existing station car park to create 46 extra places. Read more.

Some years ago in the Guardian, Martin Wainwright wrote, "Witness current comments on the community website, the Hebweb, which is one of the best of its kind in the country. No, world." 25 Oct 2012

Hilary WainwrightHappy Valley writer loves Calderdale. "Hebden Bridge is vibrant; there's a lot going on artistically and it's also got great galleries, pubs and restaurants." Sally Wainwright talks of our "dramatic and awe-inspiring" landscape and the influence of local historian Jill Liddington's Anne Lister book. Read her Guardian article

Guardian Northerner: What the UK can learn from Hebden Bridge? The BBC's Mind the Gap asks how London's success can be replicated elsewhere: Claire Donnelly argues that our small town could have the answer. Read more

"Many thanks Hebweb, the Small Ad asking for Volunteers to cook and help at Wadsworth Lunch Club has already had success. We now have someone coming to help cook. We'd still welcome a washer up, and occasional helpers please."

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