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A very special day!

From H Gregg

Friday, 25 February 2011

Enough doom and gloom - pub closures, rats, wind turbine arguments, the state of the Co-op. We need some cheer in this forum!

Two very special people are getting married at the end of April and we're very generously being given a public holiday to celebrate this wondrous occasion. What a great opportunity for the people of Hebden Bridge to wave the flag in appreciation of the great joy that this will bring to us all.

So come on everyone, lets have a few suggestions as to what we can do as a community to express our fondness for Will and Kate (and their families) and our very best wishes for their future.

God Save the Queen!

From Andrew Hall

Sunday, 27 February 2011

Hear hear, H Gregg!

At a time when we seem to be slipping into a new dark age, we need something to ignite a little spark of hope, something to give us a feeling that there is light at the end of the tunnel. Something that we can run up the flagpole and salute - every man, woman and child.

What better event than a Royal Wedding! Two young people deeply in love. Spring is in the air; the sap is rising. The future is warm, cosy and lovely.

Not for us the cynicism of other places. Not for us the culture of contempt so prevalent in our modern day society. Let Hebden Bridge stand out, and endorse this wonderful beacon of hope that their Royal Highnesses afford us. Let the bells ring out! Let us for a while forget the misery and drudgery of our mundane existences.

So, on the auspicious day itself, go down to your local hostelry, order a pint of good cheer, and raise your glass to William and Kate. You just know you'll feel a whole lot better.


From Martin F

Sunday, 27 February 2011

Yes, on the due day, I'll be dancing in the street because I'll be thinking about them, and I know they'll be thinking about me!

From Graham Barker

Sunday, 27 February 2011

Oh dear - I don't know which is going to get more tedious, the sycophancy or the sneering. Look, it's two southern toffs getting married in London. Happens all the time. Write it off at that and on the day take the dog out for a very long walk. (Or do what we did on the morning of Princess Diana's funeral, and have Blackpool beach to yourself.)

And look on the bright side. At least it'll cost us a lot less than the wretched Olympics.

From Karen H

Sunday, 27 February 2011

Are you serious? Lots of people who live and work in Hebden Bridge work for themselves and won't be given or taking a day off, others are out of work, or working for organisations that need to keep going regardless of the whims of government (health care etc) I may be wrong, but I doubt that there'll be many glasses raised to the monarchy here. I for one will be working from dawn to dusk and cursing the fact that our taxes are being used to fund the policing of an event like this.

Enjoy your lives together Will and Kate, but this isn't a special day...


From Martin F

Monday, 28 February 2011

Me, sneering?

Yes, if you like. But not at the event itself, which matters as much to me as Stockport's league 2 position.

From Emma S

Monday, 28 February 2011

Ha ha. Irony on the HebWeb forum. Who'd have thought it?

From Peter Robson

Thursday, 3 March 2011

It is totally obscene in the current climate or any other climate for that matter that not only are we expected to pay for these 'toffs' but actually enjoy it as well. I am working on a daily basis with young people that are being pushed massively into levels of poverty that I personally have not seen since Thatcher's days. They cannot claim any benefits via the system, are often excluded from work ('youth fight for jobs' figures-over 1 million now unemployed and rising!) and indeed if they are lucky enough to gain employment, it is often short-contracted- unprotected non unionised and very poorly paid!

Couple that with their parents and we can see an explosive situation developing that is very dangerous in our society. I totally agree with one of the comments from the female contributor, on the day in question people will be at their usual work place, working extremely long hours and hopefully will give little or any thought to this family and thier privileged position.

Of course there will have been the massive demonstration in London by this point, people's consciousness will be rising and it will certainly not be towards Lizzy and her mob! It was no coincidence that the royal car was surrounded at the recent demo in London, but of course 'they' are totally devoid of reality and as we know are kept at harm's length most of the time by the state hence the shock on their faces! Do not be surpised folks if they do not understand the anger, they can't! They are all chums with Cameron and his cronies and yes, filthy rich too! But of course, you know that! The mantra; 'we are all in this together'! has a sick ring to it these days folks.


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