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Hebden Games

From Jason Elliott

Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Having spoken to a fair few people about it, there is a bit of a feeling that the London Olympics next year have very little to do with people in the Upper Calder Valley. It's something on the telly that wealthy tourists go to and probably causes traffic problems in East London, but that's about it.

I am interested in exploring the idea of putting on The Hebden Games, a series of sporting events that are commonly practised in this area, and that hopefully would have much more relevance to local people, both in terms of their participation and their understanding of the various sports.

The idea is that it would run in the third week of July, after school has broken up (and after the Arts Festival) and just before the "proper" Olympics really gets going.

The pencilled-in list of events I have are as follows, but I'm very interested to see what other things people would want on: various skating events using the new skatepark, rock climbing, downhill mountain bike racing, uphill road bike racing (Cragg Vale?), fell running, orienteering, BMX, river gorge racing (up Colden Clough in the water?), mountain boarding (like snow boarding but with wheels), canoe and kayak racing, 5-a-side football, maybe even a Wii tennis competition at the Trades Club on the big screen (or maybe not)?

All events would be "open" to all comers, subject to appropriate registration, and entrants would compete for prize money, jointly provided by sponsorship and registration fees. Hopefully this would also attract competitors for further afield too.

Because of the availability, or lack of, particular facilities, some events may need to be in Todmorden (like roller derby perhaps) and Sowerby Bridge (slalom kayak racing) but hey, I'm sure we can put our prejudices aside. After all, it would be the "Hebden Games"...

So, what do you think? What events would you like to see? Something to do with horse-riding maybe?

From Anne H

Thursday, 10 March 2011

What about darts and snooker - get people back into the pubs?

From Jason Elliott

Thursday, 10 March 2011

Since my original post I have been contacted by some Norwegians interested in coming and competing, as well as the following suggestions for events: Table Tennis, 20/20 Stick Cricket (hit & run), Downhill kart racing, 10km Cross country run (although, in my ignorance, I'm not sure how that differs from Fell Running), Coarse fishing, Bail stacking, Assault course, Tug of War.

If you're interested, there is now a Facebook page for the games here too.


From Kate C

Thursday, 10 March 2011

It seems a bit insular to dismiss the Olympics as only relevant to wealthy Londoners. And a bit inaccurate.

A quick google will bring up the names of at least three young para-olympian hopefuls from Halifax. These young adults have been training most of their teenage years for this event, and have been inspired and helped by local coaches, sponsorship from local businesses etc.

Lots of local young sports enthusiasts will be inspired by watching the Games, and the fact that Halifax Leisure Centre and Spring Hall athletics track are official Olympic training sites will hopefully also give them a chance to be in contact with top level athletes.

Having said that I do think a Hebden Games sounds fun. Can I suggest a revival of Knur and Spell.


From Jill Robinson

Sunday, 13 March 2011

What about reviving local traditons such as knurr and spell and billets? (Not sure what is the difference beteween these, but sure somebody can tell me...)

From Jason Elliott

Monday, 14 March 2011

I must confess my ignorance here. What are knurr and spell and billets?

On another note, early mutterings from Calderdale MBC are very supportive as all local authorities are "being encouraged by central goverment to promote sporting events that coincide with the opening ceremonies of the Olympic Games."

(See this YouTube video on knurr and spell - ed)

From Charles Gate

Monday, 14 March 2011

Go here to find out about Knurr and Spell

From John G

Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Great idea Jason, what about bringing back the pram race from Hebden to Heptonstall.

From Claire M

Thursday, 31 March 2011

Great idea, what about games for children too?

From Emma S

Thursday, 31 March 2011

Re games for older/mid age children, how about an orienteering trail or follow-the clues trail around the town centre?

For the littlies simple fun games could be organised on the square... maybe someone might have a parachute to do some parachute games. There are thousands of possibilities for children's games.