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EDL in Halifax

From Peter Robson

Thursday, 28 April 2011

Sadly, the so called 'English Defence League' have been twice now to the town of Halifax in the previous month, congregating on the most recent occasion around the Bull Green roundabout, (150 in total) and generally shouting racial abuse at anyone they perceived as 'not British'. This would be laughable if it were not so disgusting, myself and other members from the Socialist Party witnessed a bottle thrown at an Asian family who were passing in a car, I will leave the level of abuse to your imagination.

SP members then went to the People's Park in the 'park ward' near the college for those of you that know the town and spoke with a lot of Asian youth who understandably were very very angry. What was coming from these young people was that they would not stand idle and let fascists take over their town and stop people going about their normal daily business, which clearly, the EDL intended to do. We can now see a change in tactics from the EDL with so called 'flash' movements and I note that on the first occasion these thugs had been making their way back from a march in Blackburn and decided to descend on Halifax.

This most recent occasion we had twelve hours notice to mobilise the left (anti fascists, trade unions etc) which clearly, was not enough time. We do need to better organised to combat these thugs and it is a worry that they appear to be growing with the BNP imploding at the present. (particularly with their penchant for street fighting providing an attraction for certain young males) In light of this, the Socialist Party Halifax intends to organise a public meeting soon to discuss these issues and the possibility of organising a peace carnival in the town (Halifax) and then a march.

Your views please?

Calderdale Save Our Services
Halifax Socialist Party.

From Peter Robson

Monday, 20 June 2011

Antifascists will show their opposition to the racist and fascists of the English Defence League, which has called demonstrations in five towns on Saturday 9th July" (UAF Website) Halifax being one of them. The EDL and all their thuggery plan to descend on the town in great numbers and attempt to stir up the racial hatred they crave! Unite Against Fascism along with other political organisations and local trade unions and of course the Asian community will mobilise in the strongest possible way to block these thugs.

Some of you may be aware that the EDL have been in town lately on 'scouting' missions and clearly, were checking out the response from the Police. One tactic they have developed quite recently is the 'flash' mob, which was witnessed by myself and other people recently when 150 of them turned up in the town centre causing a lot of tension as you can imagine!

I would urge all decent people to attend the counter demonstration and let's drive them out of town, it is no use simply West Yorkshire Police saying that people should stay away, again, these thugs need to be challenged and stopped! We were all horrified when Police officers told us at the last EDL gathering that they have the right to free speech, well, not when it is their bile they don't. Just take a look at their face book sites, honestly, it is horrendous. These people have no place whatsoever in a modern diverse democracy, it will be by our actions that they will be halted!