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Proposed Communication Mast

From Jon Morris

Saturday, 21 May 2011

As Riverside parents have been sent a letter about the proposed Network Rail mast on Shelf Road, I thought it must only be a matter of time before people start discussing it on the HebWeb.

Anyone interested in responding to the proposal would do well to look at the actual evidence regarding health and electromagnetic radiation, rather than the links given in the letter. Wikipedia is a good place to start.

See also some of the blog entries on Bad Science.

This is obviously a contentious issue, but we all need to make sure we are aware of both sides of the argument.

From Jess F

Saturday, 21 May 2011

Network Rail say these masts are safe and they have to build them masts as a result of the Cullen Report on the Ladbroke Grove rail crash and because of EU legislation.

But there is evidence to suggest this isn't the case.

I have written to Network Rail requesting a public meeting and asking them to explain what assurances they can give in terms of health and safety and the huge amounts of money this will cost.

It's a complicated issue and there are two sides to the debate.

But if you think we deserve to know more before the mast goes up - you can log your concerns on the Network Rail information line on 08457 114141 AND email nrcr@postroom.com.

According to Clare's letter, the mast is due to arrive between 11th June and 29th July so there's not much time.

Useful websites:

Mast Sanity

BBC News: Network Rail stops work on 80ft mast in Cornwall

Network Rail


Jess F

Sunday, 22 May 2011

I agree Jon - hence the suggestion of a public meeting

I would have thought Network Rail have a responsibility to explain the mast - why it is needed, how it is safe etc - to all the residents of Hebden Bridge rather than just informing those in the immediate vicinity.

I'm not suggesting a knee-jerk response....just the opportunity to find out more.


From Christopher Reason

Monday, 23 May 2011

Network rail are planning to install a 20 metre communication mast on Shelf Rd in Fairfield between 11th and 29th June.

There is a considerable worry about the radiation that these masts emit. The US, Australian and New Zealand governments have effectively banned them from residential areas.

It is suggested that they are responsible for cancer clusters and a range of other conditions.

If you share any of these concerns, please contact

Denise Thompson
Community Relations Manager
George Stephenson House
Toft Green
York YO2 6JT

Anyone who knows more about these masts, please post back here.


From Clare Lupino

Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Will post details of any meetings here ASAP. Will try to sort one out this week, at Cental Street. This is urgent as schools break up this week and proposed mast installation period begins 11th June - just a few days after schools return.

Really need to delegate efficiently as it is a tall order unless we have a team.

I'm aware from reading real peoples testimonials -who are suffering very real illnesses which they attribute to the radiation from these masts, that if you contact Network Rail, they will be pleased to send you a copy of the 2006 World Health Report which states there is no evidence to support...... blah.

Personally, I would prefer to have empathy with the real people who have taken the time to inform us of their devastating experiences.

I would insist on not taking the risk on behalf of my children.

From Abi Lupton-Levy

Tuesday, 24 May 2011

It might be a contentious issue, there may not be 'definite'proof, but when it's a case of it being within 150 metres of two schools, I rather think that it would be a case of erring on the side of caution! I have a child at each school, and I think most parents would agree that we don't want anyone playing russian roulette with our children's health. No-one has proved that it isn't harmful.

I can't believe that Network Rail tried to sneak this past the community with zero consultation. Calderdale is also at fault for okaying it without bothering to tell their electorate.

From Clare Lupino

Tuesday, 24 May 2011

There is a meeting about the proposed installation of this Network rail mast on Thursday 26th May at 3pm in the hall at Central Street School for anyone concerned.

Far from wishing to scare-monger people, this has felt like a moral obligation to pass on the information I have received. Several people have been working hard inside this strained window of time available to get together as much information as we can to give to everyone who can come along to the meeting.

It has to be this quick as schools break up for a holiday on Friday and by the time we return, there will only be 6 days until the proposed installation period begins.

The meeting is about everyone being able to make an informed choice as to their level of involvement in opposing this - or not. It's obviously up to you.

Those of us who don't want this need to unite and delegate.

Thanks to Central Street and Riverside schools - as well as some amazing help from concerned and informed individuals, I feel the information has been disseminated as best as possible since it came (by chance) to my attention last Thursday evening from my neighbours. (I was not informed personally).

It's now time for other individuals to decide how they feel about this issue. I know there are many who feel, as I do, that it is not appropriate to accept these risks on behalf of the children.

Though there may not be proof - and how difficult is it to prove these links to specific causes even when clusters of individuals become ill? - I am satisfied with the research and trust the testimonials that have come to my attention regarding the potential effects of such close proximity to these emissions, as to opt for erring on the side of caution, as have the governments of other countries: Site the mast in a non-residential zone, away from our schools, homes and businesses.

That's surely what the majority of us would have said, had we been consulted?

There will be some data, research and info for you to consider for yourselves at the meeting.

Please pass on info about the meeting, thanks.

From Abi Lupton-Levy

Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Thank you Claire, for making this public and for doing so much so quickly.

From Allen Keep

Wednesday, 25 May 2011

This is very concerning.

I suspect a lot of people-and not just parents of the schools involved will be interested in at least finding out more and probably campaigning against network rail (again).

It was quite a different issue last time (felling of trees) but there was a strong and effective response - and a public meeting which held network rail to account.

I am glad some people have already taken a stand and got stuck in.
A minor quibble though -is 3pm the best time to hold a meeting? I think a later start would secure a larger attendance.

I'd love to hear from any of our elected representatives as to how this has got so far without, it would seem, any questioning or opposition via the democratic process and what they think they could do to help?

From Cllr James Baker

Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Hi, the Town Council is discussing the communications mast as an agenda item tonight (Wed 25), with a view to decide on what action to take. As with all the council meetings it's public if people wish to attend and hear the debate. I should be able to pop along to your public meeting on Thursday if it's open? To report back on what was said.

From Jon Morris

Wednesday, 25 May 2011

I think there may be some confusion over the word 'radiation', which basically refers to particles or waves travelling through space. There are many different kinds of electromagnetic radiation, but only the most energetic waves are harmful.

In this diagram, the most energetic waves are at the top and the least energetic are at the bottom. Only gamma rays, X-rays and the top end of ultraviolet are energetic enough to ionize atoms: in other words to damage cells and DNA and to cause cancer.

Microwaves, meanwhile, are somewhere between infra-red waves and radio waves so are much less harmful. They are only capable of causing cells to move about more, to heat them up, and not to destroy them. In any case, they can only travel a few centimetres in the air, so pose no threat when they are being emitted from a mast high in the air. Some studies have shown that mobile phones, however, can cause the skin around the ear to heat up. I presume everyone that is concerned about the health risks of the mast is already using a hands-free set though.

There are many ways in which we are exposed to radiation every day - UV and visible light from the sun, X-rays from TV screens and medical scans, gamma rays from naturally occuring radon - all of which are more harmful than microwaves from a communication mast.

Unfortunately I can't come to the meeting as I will be at work, but it looks like it will be a lively one.

Incidentally, I've tried looking up the claim that "The US, Australian and New Zealand governments have effectively banned them from residential areas.", but have been unable to find the information. I did find an article from 2001 about installing masts in London, but the ban only applied to masts on council buildings. If the mast was over 15m high or on a private building, there was no ban.

If anyone has more information on this ban, it would be good to hear it.

From Cllr James Baker

Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Jon you quite right to point out that much radiation is quite harmless, and that most of the yearly dose we get are from natural sources e.g. Radon gas. It's odd to think that the rock around us is probably giving out more radiation than any man made sources. I personally suspect that there isn't really going to be a health impact from this mast, but if there is evidence that other countries have banned them in residential areas that gives pause for thought.

I think what concerns me the most is that there is adequate consultation. People who live in the area deserve to know about things like this and have a chance for their questions to be answered.

20 Meters also seems rather tall, and it could have quite a visual impact on the area. Hopefully I will find out a bit more about it tonight.

I do wonder if it's something it's even possible to legally object to, or whether it's just plunked down on people by the powers that be.

From Cllr Richard Scorer (Fairfield Ward)

Wednesday, 25 May 2011

As a newly elected Hebden Royd town councillor for Fairfield ward, I endorse other concerns raised in this thread about lack of proper consultation. As mentioned, the issue will be raised tonight at council meeting and whatever the merits of the arguments on either side there clearly needs to be a proper opportunity to consider the issues fully. There are often specific legal requirements in respect of consultation (time periods etc) and I'm looking into whether these are relevant here.

From Coun Susan Press

Wednesday, 25 May 2011

I was alerted to this issue by a local resident 10 days ago and asked for it to be put on the agenda @ tonight's town council meeting.

I am in process of ascertaining with Town Clerk and calderdale what the situation is and we will discuss it this evening and hopefully take issue forward.

Size of mast may be relevant - will be @ tomorrow's meting to discuss also.

From Cllr Richard Scorer (Fairfield Ward)

Wednesday, 25 May 2011

As Susan says, the height of the mast may be relevant. My information having made some enquiries is that planning permission is normally required for masts over 15m high, and the council would normally be expected to consult local residents and town council on this. We'll debate it tonight.

From Cllr James Baker

Wednesday, 25 May 2011

I'm glad to hear Susan & Richard as councillors representing the ward are engaged with this issue. It's important that it was put on the agenda for the council to discuss, thank you Susan for doing that.

Is this the first time though that the council has been informed of this issue? Wouldn't there have been legal requirement to let councillors know earlier? I'd be concerned if the only requirement was for Network Rail to write to residents just before it was going to happen.

From Cllr Janet Battye

Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Unfortunately I can't get to the public meeting tomorrow but I think that Cllr Nader Fekri will try to get there.

I have checked this out with Calderdale Council Officers and I'm told that the Planners have no control over this but Network Rail have a duty to take the concerns of local communities into account before deciding where to locate their mast (subject to maintaining a reliable communication system).

Apparently these masts are being installed under Network Rail's "Railway Communications System" project which is a national project that aims to provide secure communication between trains and signalling centres. It's based on GSM mobile phone technology tailored to suit the needs of the railway. The need for these improvements was indentified in recent inquiries into rail crashes. It's on the Network Rail website.

So it is important that we question where these masts need to go. Network Rail should consult local people and take your/our views into account when they take their decision.

From Clare Lupino

Thursday, 26 May 2011

Yes, yes, yes, the meeting is open. Collating the information and editing it in such a ridiculously short space of time has unfortunately prevented our small team of concerned residents from being able to tell more people personally - hence the need for a meeting - to inform, discuss and delegate. Should be in hb times tomorrow. Send out any smoke signals you can...or use tin cans and string - or rocks...whatever!

Just been informed by Nader that Network Rail rep is coming to the meeting from hq in London. Nevertheless, we are prepared. Info from as many relevant sources will be on offer thanks to some amazing people who want to get it out to everyone - see what comes of the meeting. Hope its positive for us all.

Ps. My neighbour George, had a call from Network Rail this evening - he is meeting them at the station at 2.20 to show them the site before the meeting.

From Robert Williams

Thursday, 26 May 2011

I rang Network Rail on Tues 23rd Afternoon and spoke to a helpful call centre fellow called Rob, he gave me a Service Reference Request as I said I objected to the erection of the mast in the proposed location in HB.

I had a call back last night from Richard Flindell, a Communications Manager at Network Rail who will be attending a Public Meeting at Central Street school in Hebden Bridge today at 3pm.

I would suggest that anyone who wishes to air their views on the proposed mast should attend today. I will try to attend myself.


From Cllr James Baker

Thursday, 26 May 2011

This was discussed at Town Council last night. It emerged that Network Rail had written to Hebden Royd Council last January 2010 to notify them. None of the councillors raised concerns at the time so the letter was just noted as having been received.

I did say last night I thought it was a shame the letter was just noted. If Fairfield councillors (or really any other member) had realised what this entailed then people would have had a bit more notice. However the luxury of hindsight is a wonderful thing and this is now a new Town Council with lots of new members. I'm sure everyone is keen to keep people informed and other support where they can.

What it appears is that Network Rail can do what it likes, and notification is just a legal requirement. As Janet says this doesn't go through the planning system.

It's worth noting that even if people had known earlier it might not have made any practical difference. If it's part of a rail safety programme that is being built across the whole of the EU. It's good that Network Rail are sending someone to answer our questions. Some people might understand why it's having to be built, if it improves rail safety on our train line. The question is I guess whether this is the best site for it.

From Cllr Richard Scorer (Fairfield Ward)

Thursday, 26 May 2011

As James says, it emerged last night that Network Rail got in touch with the town council some months ago about this, but it was simply noted, and with the benefit of hindsight this is unfortunate.

The information we have had is that this is a permitted development, being integral to the functioning of the railway (the mast is required for health and safety reasons following the Cullen report). Therefore it does not require planning permission, and the height is irrelevant. I queried this point last night, as I find it very hard to believe that there is no height limit at all on permitted developments (if the mast was 100ft tall would this still be a permitted development?), but the advice from planning officers is clear, that the height dosen't matter. However the Town Council resolved to write to Network Rail expressing concerns and further points raised in the meeting today.

From Heidi Waddington

Thursday, 26 May 2011

I have been in contact with a group in Wales who had success with getting NR to re-site a mast in their village. They managed this on easthetic and road safety grounds as the mast was due to be erected next to a small country road and a lovely Victorian station. I will bring the communications I have received with me to the meeting. If anyone can't make it and would like to read it, drop me a line and I will send it on

See you later



From Andy M

Saturday, 4 June 2011

I'm curious as to how the mast interfered with road-safety. Radio-waves zapping drivers or a hazard if it fell over?

From Mike H

Monday, 6 June 2011

If you are worried about the proposed mast perhaps you would like to take a look at my website.

This is my story so far of how I have become seriously ill after Network Rail installed one of these masts around 120 metres from my home.

One doctor and two cardiologists say from the evidence collected by them that my ill health is definitely linked to this mast.

Please e-mail me with your concerns and I will help in any way possible.
These masts should not be installed near homes or workplaces.

From Clare Lupino

Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Hi everyone, I'm back! - Promised to post some details up here as asap re the meeting about the mast at Central Street and the latest developments.

It was a long, hard slog prior to the meeting at Central Street School last Thursday - once the meeting had been schedued - thanks to Riverside and Central Street schools who were amazing in getting the word out - a very small (but very strong) team of us worked literally around the clock to prepare for it.

I knew immediately upon accidentally finding out from my neighbours, George and Claire, about the proposed mast installation (period beginning 11th June...) that other residents would share my concerns: I trusted that other parents with childern at our schools here in Hebden Bridge, woud also share my concerns, which were based on research via the many testimonials out there, written by real people in other communities who feel obliged to share them for the benefit of other communities.

(see networkrailmasts.co.uk and mastsanity.org. Also, Google The Stewart Report and the effects of Electro Magnetic Frequencies/Microwave Radiation)

Thankfully, I was not wrong about the sensible stronghold within our community.

(Meanwhile I received a standard letter from Network Rail basically saying I had no reason to be concerned and they were going ahead. The accomanying copy of the World Health Organisation report of 2006, stated that,

'... it is expected that posible cancer clusters will occur near base stations merely by chance. Moreover, the reported cancers in these clusters are often a collection of differet types of cancer with no common characteristics and hence unlikely to have a common cause.'

(Are we supposed to celebrate? Are we supposed to feel reassured, because ours and our children's immune systems have so many variations of cancer to chose from as they deteriate and gradually sink us into terminal decline?...)

In summary, I was informed the day before our residents' meeting that two Network Rail reps were attending.

Thanks to all the research collated by our small team of individuals, we had an expanding file of academic and medical research, including quotes from professors and presidents alike, which we had read through and editted, highlighting all relevant parts for those who attended the meeting - we allowed time for these to be looked through before the meeting began as I wanted to be as brief as posible. (research info available on request)

I presented my concerns, explaining this was not a campaign against Network Rail and that, whilst we appreciated their concerns for safety, we also wanted them to appreciate ours.

I began by stating how appalled I was that our community had not been informed of this, epecially as it was evidently a contentious issue.

I also explained I had felt a moral obligation towards the community to inform them.

I gave a brief introduction to how our cells work within our bodies (basically, because we are made of of atoms which are 99.999% light/ energy, we are constantly exchanging energy with our environment and a healthy environment keeps our bodies healthy. Manmade Electro Magnetic Frequencies can interfere with this natural exchange and affect our biorhythms ad in turn our neurological and our immune systems. Constant exposure can result in our immune systems being overwraught with the constant effort to regulate i the face of the onslaught and thsi is how disease can set in).

I said that my opinion was that, no matter how much reassurance I was offerered in terms of 'safe' limits (re distance from the source or frequencies of emmissions), I was not prepared to take that risk with my children's health - and wanted to see who else in my community felt the same, Especially as the US, Australian, N.Zealand, Swedish and Finnish Governments have all taken precautionary measures to effectively ban these masts from residential and school areas - they recommend them to be cited at least 500m away as a precautionary measure. (What else do we need to know here?)

Network Rail gave a Powerpoint presentation. They said they informed the local council in January 2010. One resident asked them how many other masts throughout the UK were cited near schools. Eventually they said they did their best not to place them near schools, which of course begged the question, 'Why?'

They also said that the emmissions were 'directional'. However, they travel in staight lines and must overlap, so surely must be wide enough as to accommodate any/ many bends in the track.

If placed at the side of the track, on the embankment, they would certainly have to cover a area of several metres - so surely that means that the emmissions would in fact reach out o the other side of the mast for the same ammount of metres??)

Many concerns were raised.

There was a full-spectrum rainbow of Hebden Bridge residents present and I felt so supported - plenty of us made it clear we would not accept the mast here.

The reps listened to our concerns. Everyone was polite and the whole thing was ordered, (thanks to Caz, as Chair). They agreed to inform all residents within a 1 mile radius of the proposed site as to their intentions.

The HB Times have made so many others aware since then and have notified residents that there is a petition in Tourist Info and Country Cousins, Market Street for anyone who wishes to register any objections.

Meanwhile, I have received another letter from Network Rail, dated 1st June, stating,

'A good discussion was had and in light of the concerns which were expressed and land ownership issues, we have decided to reassess our options for building the mast..'

They say they are currently investigating alternative locations and will get back to us.

This is great news for us all.

Thanks to everyone who helped achieve this by calling/ writing to them and/or our MP

Specifically, we need to say a big a thank you to George for all of his initial concerns about the many parents and children who pass by our row of houses every weekday on their way to schools and playgroups- and to both George and Claire for their initial research into the adverse affects of Electro Magnetic Frequency masts in close proximity.

Also, thanks to Caz and to Charlotte for the hours and hours of work done borne of genuine care for our town's residents - and to the significant others who helped out with their knowledge and experience in these matters.

These are the things we must do on behalf of all of our children, if need be - I just happened to be the first parent to find out......

Okay, so hopefully we can say it's sorted - and no, I'm not going to joke about being vigilant about 20m unwanted erections in the night - all of us involved are taking a bit of a back seat now - (a return to sleep and lipstick for me) just felt it was important to inform you all of the latest developments. Afterall, to quote one of our residents, 'this is our valley'.

Please pass it all on to anyone concerned.

Clare Lupino.

From Coun Susan Press

Wednesday, 8 June 2011

I just want to say well done to all who organised, researched and attended the meeeting re the mast.

It was a rare event indeed. Success in fighting the powers-that-be but in fairness I thought the guys from Network Rail were genuinely listening to what was being said. Not just doing a PR schtick. And they stayed for two hours to hear people out.

As anyone who knows the site will be aware the proposed location for the mast was a) absurd b) unacceptable c) inaccessible.

A significant victory for people power.But vigilance will of course be required in the weeks ahead.......

From Sheila Fuller

Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Hi Clare

That's great news, good work! I'm so glad you gave them what sounds like a really good primer on how cells work - I'd imagine that those Network Rail chaps come from a pretty conventional 'science and engineering' background, and don't have much of a holistic overview - they probably don't have time for things like homeopathy or spirituality either.

This result has really opened my chakras. Well done.

From Jon Morris

Friday, 10 June 2011

Hi Claire,

I'm glad that Network Rail have listened to your concerns about the mast, but I'm still unconvinced it presents a serious risk to our health. I haven't seen the proposal and I don't know exactly what type of mast Network Rail are proposing and to be honest, I don't mind whether it goes ahead or not. I do have serious concerns about the validity of some of your arguments though.

I have sympathy with the people who are suffering from the symptoms of electrosensitivity, but there is no evidence that it is caused by electromagnetic radiation from communication masts. The testimonials on the sites you mentioned only prove that some people have these symptoms, they do not prove the source. Only a double-blind trial - where both the participants and the researchers do not know whether the EMR source is turned on - can show if there is a link. I'm not aware of any studies that do prove such a link and a recent review (Radiofrequency electromagnetic field exposure and non-specific symptoms of ill health: A systematic review, Roosli, Environmental Research, 2008) stated that " the large majority of individuals who claims to be able to detect low level RF-EMF are not able to do so under double-blind conditions".

I also read the Stewart Report and, although it was over ten years old, it was very interesting and informative. It concluded that the main health risk from mobile phones was accidents due to phoning and driving at the same time. Handsets carried a small possible risk due to heating effects and the effects of base stations were negligible.

Paragraph 5.248 states, "Apart from the risks associated with the use of mobile phones while driving, which are discussed in paragraphs 5.201-5.214, there is no persuasive epidemiological evidence that exposure to RF radiation in general - or to the limited extent that it has been investigated, mobile-phone-related exposures in particular - causes disease in people. Although the epidemiological research that has been carried out to date does not give cause for concern, it has too many limitations to give reassurance that there is no hazard. A substantial number of people report symptoms such as fatigue, headache and feelings of warmth behind the ear that occur during or shortly after the use of mobile phones. However, it is unclear to what extent, if any, these symptoms are caused by RF radiation."

Interestingly, the report's analysis of press cuttings, TV and radio reports found that "Seventy-nine per cent of the media reports alleged adverse health effects from mobile phones and base stations" (paragraph 3.18).
The 2006 WHO report you mentioned concluded (like many of the papers I have read), "Considering the very low exposure levels and research results collected to date, there is no convincing scientific evidence that the weak RF signals from base stations and wireless networks cause adverse health effects."

The WHO also held a workshop in 2005, titled, "Base stations & wireless networks: Exposures & health consequences", which thoroughly analysed the available data on the subject. The paper, "Health Effects of Mobile Phone Base-Stations: Studies of Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity" (Fox, Eltiti, Wallace and Russo pp59-67), carried out a comprehensive discussion of recent studies and was very sympathetic to the feelings of the people who are suffering EHS. It concluded that, "there is nevertheless a genuine uncertainty among the general population regarding the non-thermal effects of mobile phones and their associated base-stations on health indices", however, "the majority of well-controlled published studies have indicated that EHS symptoms do not appear to be related to the presence of EMFs".(p65)

In my last post, I asked for the reference to the Governmental ban on masts and none has been forthcoming, in fact, Sweden and Finland seem to have been added to the list. We can all parrot phrases to each other, but it's unwise to quote something unless it has some basis in the truth. Believe me, I have looked for information on these supposed bans and I have not been able to find a thing. If someone could post the information, I really would be grateful.

As to the question of why Network Rail "did their best not to place them near schools", one very obvious answer is that people living nearby will kick up a big fuss. NR are just trying to do their job and make the railways safer. If there is a choice of sites and one is going to involve lots of meetings, applications and appeals, they will clearly try other sites first.

Finally, I think that, in focusing on this one mast, we are missing the bigger picture. There are already many mobile phone masts in and around Hebden Bridge, and some of them must be near our schools. Next time you are in the school playground or one of the school buildings, have a look at your phone. Does it have a signal? If it does, you and your children are being bombarded with electromagnetic radiation and have been 24 hours a day, seven days a week, for the last several years. Do you really think one more mast will make a difference?

From Mark and Sharon Smith

Wednesday, 10 August 2011

We have just received notification from NR re their repositioning of the mast near our house due to the concerns raised at the meeting, a victory for some but a potential disaster for us, our house could loose value as who want's to own a house in a cancer zone? Perhaps Mr. Morris who says they're perfectly safe would consider an exchange?

I know from bitter experience the devastating effects of cancer and there is just too much circumstantial evidence of cancer hot spots related with these masts not to be worried.

If countries such as the USA, Australia, NZ, Sweden and Finland have a 500m mast exclusion zone why can't we. We were once told that lead paint and asbestos were perfectly safe so why take the risk with radiation?

From Jon Morris

Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Thank you Mark and Sharon for the offer, but I'm quite happy in my house and do not want to move at the moment. You probably wouldn't want it anyway, as there is a microwave transmitter right next to it :-)

Please don't misunderstand my position on this mast - I am merely saying that I don't think there is enough evidence that they cause cancer. I am not in any way commenting on the disease itself or trying to play down its seriousness. I know many (too many) friends and relatives who have suffered from cancer in the past or are undergoing treatment right now and I wouldn't wish it on anyone.


From Jane Cox

Thursday, 11 August 2011

Just been talking to a resident of Woodbine Place. I am on Savile Road. There is a meeting tomorrow night at 7pm about the proposed new site West of Stubbing Bridge. We are also residents of Hebden Bridge! It is no solution to have just moved the mast a little further along the track!There are children that live here, as well as older people, and many who use the towpath to get to work etc.

The new mast is only 50metres from a family home with kids. Hebden Royd School, on holiday at the moment, is not far off either. We are very concerned about this siting and hope the meeting will shed some light on the matter. Please come and support us. It's at 7pm at the big new house opposite Woodbine Place. Please help, this is all happening so quickly. It would be great if those of you who were involved before would help us too.


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