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Hand Made Parade

From Jenny B

Saturday, 11 June 2011

This event just gets better and better. Something that everyone can join in with whatever their age.

Well done to everyone involved with the organising, those who ran the workshops, those who helped with the making of costumes, props etc. And well done to all who took part. It was simply fantastic.

From Paul D

Tuesday, 14 June 2011

I'd like to echo these sentiments. Due in large part to the energy and enthusiasm of the organisers, and by involving local schools, playgroups and other local groups, I feel that the handmade parade is one of our few genuine community events.

The costumes, musical accompaniment and the parade around the park were all wonderful. It's good to see people who live in the town come together and reclaim it in such a collective show of energy and creativity. It also matters not whether you were born here or elsewhere, the parade is one of the few local events that make such distinctions irrelevant and I think it holds almost a unique role in promoting community cohesion. Just as it's easy to ignore the tensions within our community, it's also important to point to work that helps to resolve them.

If the Arts Council, Lottery fund, Town Council or other sponsors need evidence of how to engage a community in art and performance then they should send their representatives to see this event. It must be one of the most inclusive and creative community arts projects in England, we are very lucky to have this and long may it continue.

From Ron Taylor

Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Well said, Paul. Couldn't agree more. I, too, particularly liked the fact that it is a 'genuine community event'.

From Kim D

Thursday, 16 June 2011

I agree with previous comments. My six year old son wanted to get involved this year so with initial trepidation I took him along to one of the workshops at Victoria Rd.

I have to say from beginning to end we thoroughly enjoyed every part of it. All the professional artists were kind, helpful, constructive and encouraging despite being under enormous pressure themselves with less funding and so much to do to prepare the larger art pieces and the finale art. The effort they put in is priceless but what a show!

I am immensely proud to have been part of such a fabulous occasion. This is truly a community event, available to all ages, skills and backgrounds - and something we should continue to support as a community and encourage it's growth and longevity.

Apparently a photo and article appeared in the Telegraph, but I haven't been able to locate it. So we are sending a message to others that we can pull together and produce a marvellous and uplifting event on a shoestring budget for the benefit of the local people, businesses and community.

And my six year old son - he can't wait til next year!


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