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Not very nice!

From Emma H

Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Having followed with interest in recent weeks threads about moving to Hebden and the general airing of views about locals v 'offcumdens' I feel compelled today to make a comment. I recently came to work in Hebden, obviously I am an 'offcumden' as I live a whole 5 miles away. I love the town and think that the vast majority of people I have met are fantastic. I also do my best to support the town both through my work and buying as much as I can Totally Locally.

In order to carry out my job I need to have my own transport and usually park on the street a little way out of the town centre as car parking charges are just too much. I always take care not to park in front of residential property, on corners or anywhere that might block the flow of traffic. However in the past two weeks I have had my car 'keyed' from from to back twice.

I'm starting to feel victimised and wonder are all visitors and non locals to the town treated this way?

I suspect that I am preaching to the converted on this site and that no one who has any sense would do such a mindless act. I also doubt that the person who did this has ever had to earn the £300 per time its costs to rectify, nor realises the impact on the rest of the family to find that money.

Above all else, its just not a very nice thing to do!

From Anne H

Thursday, 23 June 2011

You weren't targetted becasue you are an offcomden or because you parked in a congested area or becasue you might or might not shop locally! Cars get keyed in Hebden Bridge, Old town, Todmorden and in Halifax. They also get keyed in Oxford, London and probably in other countries too! You were just unlucky

From Rev Tony Buglass

Thursday, 23 June 2011

No, Emma, it wasn't because you were an offcumden. The idiots who do such moronic things don't have the intelligence to work out from your car where you came from. It just shows that HB has its share of idiots, like anywhere else. Not long after we moved into our present home, the local morons went along the street slashing and puncturing tyres on just about every car parked by the roadside. We were lucky - I suspect parking on the drive meant they didn't think to look to the side and see another target...

I'm sorry you've been hit like that, and especially that you've been hit twice. Hopefully that's your share over and done with!


From Sutti H

Tuesday, 28 June 2011

I really am sorry that some mindless person has touched your property, this should never happen.

I am also very sorry that it even entered your head it could have happened because you come from outside the boundaries of Hebden.

I know there has always been some sort of banter between us locals and the offcumdens, but as far as I am concerned that is all it is Banter.
For some reason the offcumdens or some of them make a big show of this, not really a Hebden thing. Hebden Bridge to most locals is just another northern mill town with normal folk living there. Nowt much goes on really until a load of different offcumdens come and want to make a big thing about everything.

I had my car keyed, down both sides and the bonnet, they then decided to cover it with eggs, it was outside a offcumdens house because someone had parked outside my house. I think I know who did it, but until I get evidence I will keep it to myself. This happened some time ago.

So all offcumdens please relax, this big thing about not being born here is the next story to be told in your local pub, full of people I don't know and served by, yes you guessed it an offcumden.