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Steve Cann

From Susan Burns

Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Delighted to hear that the General Teaching Council decided that there was no case to answer against Steve Cann. His ridiculous suspension was shameful: we waited to hear what it was he had actually done as supporters of the then Head put whispers around town that there was a lot more to it than they could possibly divulge. What rubbish.

Will the governors now apologize to Mr Cann for putting him through an undeserved undignified end to his teaching career?

He was my daughter's tutor for 5 years and taught English to both my children. They thought he was brilliant. Good on him.

The Lee Hall/Opera North fiasco in Bridlington is another example of good people being squashed by the ludicrous 'safeguarding' agenda.

From Andrew B

Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Steve was an absolutely brilliant teacher- no nonsense but could relate more with us as pupils, and always took a fair approach.

I had a handful of different English teachers at Calder High during my 5 years there, and can honestly say that Steve's lessons were more beneficial to me personally than those where we had other teachers.

He still calls me a "little git" occasionally when I see him, there is no denying that I was- and I probably was quite difficult at times for some staff to cope with, surely a teacher who can manage these difficulties and the challenges faced should be treated as an asset. Unfortunately this wasn't the case and Calder managed to cause undue upset to pupils educations through it's handling off the events at the time. I am sure that some grades will have reflected this?

I also hope that Steve receives an apology from the board of governors, though I don't see it happening.

Thanks Steve for all you did for me, I'm sure you are happy now and enjoying your retirement!

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